Free Verse: Blue Thoughts

Image of free verse poetry, "Blue Thoughts."

In this free verse poetry, “Blue Thoughts.”

The first glance, twinkling is the light, a first love. To fall in love, to stay in love is not of choice. It is on the chances, the risks, the willingness of working, talking, through the struggles, through the blessings. When loves greatest strength is in the doing, not the saying of words, there is a strength in love. A free verse poetry and a digital art piece to personify love.

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Free Verse: Bullying, Words Bled From Heart

Image of free verse poetry, "Words Bled From Heart."

In this free verse poetry, “Words Bled From Heart.”

I despise bullying. You will find me writing about bullying quite often. As a single parent of my 9 1/2-year-old Bianca, she sees this quite often. She cries, trying to understand how others can be so cruel.

There was an incidence that really brought me to the reality of bullies. They’re bullied too, by a parent, or peers, or family members, older siblings too.

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Daily Haiku: Floating Jewels

Image of Daily Haiku: "Floating Jewels."

A daily haiku poem, “Floating Jewels.”

I find calmness in the color white, somehow inspires me. It fades the gray shades of darkness. An open white canvas I can fill with ink, I can fill with hope. I can breathe life into white, and scatter colors across black thoughts.

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Free Verse: The Howling Train

Image of free verse poetry, "The Howling Train."

A free verse poetry, “The Howling Train.”

It’s in the small experiences, big ones too, that I realize just how precious life really is. In my life time, I have been to places that have made me feel so tiny, like a grain of sand. It has taught me, that I am a part of a bigger picture.

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Daily Haiku: Standing Green

Image of daily haiku, "Standing Green."

In this daily haiku, “Standing Green.”

I find I long for the noises in standing green. Hidden in places I have to search for, longing for the whispering sounds of the breeze, and the music of trees brushing up against one another. Eerie calming sound.

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Free Verse: Another Night Comes… Uninvited.

Image of free verse poetry, "Another Night Comes...Uninvited."

A free verse poetry, “Another Night Comes…Uninvited.” Do you ever get those days, where it just spirals, so fast, it makes your head spin? I do, then the evening waltzes in with the dark, and you want it to stop. You watch the changes of effect, everything winds down before your eyes. In this free […]

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Coiling Soul

This free verse poetry, “Coiling Soul” reminds me of nature and love.

Like a plant that coils to retract to a state being or not being. Like a fern that uncoils yearning for growth and the sun. We, as people react in the same way. Hurt so badly at times, coiling into our scars. We, hide, yet we should reach outward, seek help and communication in those that support us.

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Free Verse: Parkside Romance, Summer

Image of free verse poetry, "Parkside Romance, Summer."

A free verse poetry, “Parkside Romance, Summer.”

Along with warm side breezes, fragrance drifting across noses, green turning fading colors, dogs barking, and children squealing and playing. Summer in a park is a place for romance. A free verse poetry and digital art piece to tantalize new love.

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Free Verse: Bitter-Cold Baths

Image of free verse poetry, "Bitter-cold Baths."

A free verse poetry, “Bitter-cold Baths.”

It’s amazing how life can be of extremes, on one hand, some have it simple. On the other extreme, such as myself growing up, life was one challenge after another. My parents took everything in stride and made the best of it.

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Free Verse: Wolf’s True Self

Image of free verse poetry, "Wolf's True Self."

A free verse poetry, “Wolf’s True Self.”

A wolf has a true identity of self. It binds with its own likeness, it is driven by instinctive evolution. It’s character never changes. There is a strong sense of survivalist. With a pack or alone, it doesn’t question life.

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Free Verse: Small Spoonfuls of Learning

Image of free verse poetry, "Small Spoonful of Learning."

A free verse poetry, “Small Spoonful of Learning.”

Are you one, that enjoys your cup of coffee in the morning? I am. I enjoy with each sip, the mythological moments, where I can mull over the night before, or the start of the morning. Sometimes, I am an over thinker, weighing too much thought of things, or events. Somehow, with each delivery of a sip swallowed

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