Welcome to Urban Poetry! Where Legends Live in Words.

image of old branches in lake give refuge for young birds

Welcome to Urban Poetry.
Where legends live in words in this digital art and poetry WordPress blog. Linda J. Wolff spins words into magical pieces, free verses, haiku, and much more.

As the author of Urban Poetry, she offers readers an extensive selection of urban haiku, free verse, Rictameter poetry for enjoyment and modern digital art copyright by author Linda J. Wolff.

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Poetry – Pressed Words & Flowers

Image of free verse poetry "Pressed Words & Flowers.

In this free verse poetry “Pressed Words & Flowers”.

Oh, the stories we could spin, tales that go way back when. Funny how we think our little meager lives don’t mean nothing. But yet to another, they are fascinating tales of adventure and freedom.

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Daily Prompt: Forming Loops

Image of free verse poetry, "Forming Loops".

In this free verse poetry, “Forming Loops”.

It’s the out with the old and in with the new, not in the material sense, but the pain of loss or love. Forming a new loop in the strings of life for the formidable future of living, of love, of life, one must go on. To let go of the emotions that held us stitched in a place of time. A free verse poetry and digital art piece to accentuate the emotion I’m feeling right now.

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Poetry – Quietude of Dreams

Image of a free verse poetry "Quietude".

A free verse poetry “Quietude”.

The world is evolving before us, nature moving in small, but delicate steps. Skies changing shifts from dark to light, little buds opening heads, stretching petals of many colors, green yawning, and bending with the weight of morning dew. A little free verse, and digital art piece to indulge.

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A Little Rocking Haiku

Image of little rocking horse haiku

In this “Little Rocking Haiku”

The ocean has a beat of its own, love hearing the crashing of waves against rocks, the seabirds in the air singing their song. And under the waters edge the song of whales.

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Challenge Prompt #1: To Fib or Not to Fib

Image of Join our challenge prompts

In this challenge prompt, “To Fib or Not to Fib!”
Join our 1st challenge prompt, “the fibonacci poetry challenge” where you can have the chance to be in my poetry eBook and win, win, win, a chance for one of my designer coffee mugs. Follow the instructions below…

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Free Verse – Paradox of Complexities

Image of Free Verse - Paradox of Complexities

In this free verse poetry “Paradox of Complexities”.
One can find the meshing of strands of light, a red glow floods from hearts under the moonlit smile. Satin flows under movements of waves and stars glitter through black. A free verse and digital art piece to tease the flowing thoughts of minds.

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Poetry – View From an Open Door

Image of In this free verse poetry, "View From an Open Door."

In this free verse poetry, “View From an Open Door.”
Reflecting back on moments, we ponder upon choices. Where would we be if we had done this or that? Would we be in a better place, or worse. We need to fall and then rise with a better reflection of what should be.

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Daily Rictameter – Fireflies Dance

Image of In this daily Rictameter verse, "Fireflies Dance".

In this daily Rictameter verse, “Firefly Dance”.
It is of the quiet, mystical delights. Nature in the seeing. Being, evolving in a spectacle of sheer silence as it dances before you void of noise. I wonder how many times we’ve crossed it or it us, unnoticed, unseen.

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Daily Haiku – Paragon Red

Image of A little haiku, "Paragon Red".

A little haiku, “Paragon Red.”
We are a paragon of excellence, created in every sense of perfection, why is it, we are the ones who cannot see it within our wholeness. A little haiku and digital art piece for enjoyment. Happy Thursday Beautiful Paragons!

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Poetry – Puncture Wounds of the Heart

Image of A free verse poetry "Puncture Wounds of the Heart."

A free verse poetry “Puncture Wounds of the Heart.”
I express love. A piece of poetry for the memories of loved one’s we’ve lost, to always remember their laughter, smiles, experiences forever embedded in our hearts. You are loved and missed. And may you be running through the fields of wildflowers laughing into the sunshine.

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