Haiku: Heart & Song

a triple haiku poetry… rhyming or non-rhyming… More about forms of poetry.

I want for your heart
to be happy, and to sing
with the flying birds.

may they lite upon
branches and sing in tune with
harmony and love.

And this morning song
be carried with the wind and
flowery fragrance.

©Linda J. Wolff 2017 – http://www.urbanpoetry2017.com
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3 replies

  1. Combining the three haiku together in one poem was done in a subtle manner. In a positive way, had there been no line breaks and no mention of the haiku form, it would not have been noticed. It simply would have looked like a free verse poem with some possible structure in line length. Combining form poetry together in a way that masks the form, while still maintaining the benefits of it, is not always easy. You have done well here.

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  2. DE-light-FUL. I don’t know much about poetry–except haiku is three lines (5-7-5). I agree with the previous commenter: seamless and this made me smile again.

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