Digital Art Creative: The Before and After

image of big blossom.

This post is a digital art piece creative. The before and the after. Went to get my daughter, Bianca, from the school bus. And found this amazing big blossom, that hasn’t turned color.

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Poetry: So Strong and So Weak

image of big flower blossoms.

…Withered from the pelting rain, it rises again to greet the sun. I found an old picture of big beautiful blossoms, spun a few effects to create this very soft, subtle digital art piece. And a Rictameter verse to accentuate the flow of poetry.

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Haiku: Hanging Fragrance

image of hanging flowers.

…Somewhere in the mirage of green and blue rises a haiku for you. The vision is clear of the words I want to place here. A digital art piece and a sweet little haiku to tease your thoughts with. Who knows, it might inspire too. Happy Friday Everyone!

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Free Verse: Skeletons of Truth

image of fern plant reaching for the light

…Secrets are skeletons held in the passage walls of hearts. A free verse poetry shedding some light and a digital art pieces for the eyes.

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Poetry: A Diamond in the Rough

Image of cluster of unpolished diamonds

As diamonds are found deep within the Earth’s layers, they are rough and unpolished as I. A free verse poetry describing me as a beginning poet. I’m never to old to learn something new, and always sharing it with you as I unearth it. A digital art piece to flatter your viewing eyes.

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Poetry: Fruited Vines of Time

image of grapes

Nothing sweeter than a piece of fruit, sweeten by the golden rays of the sun. A free verse poetry and a creative digital art to sweeten your soul, and wish it was Summer. LOL!

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Poetry: The Old Black Crow & Little Bluebird.

image of bluebird sitting on branch

…An old black crow, and a young blue birds sing lyrics of a different song. A free verse poetry and digital art to bring words and picture to life. Hope you enjoy and have a blessed day or night..

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Poetry: Tangled in Time.

image of vines tangled around each other.

…Life and love…tangled vines that weave through time. OK! I have to admit I’m addicted to writing the Rictameter Verse. I guess it’s the challenge of such strict constraints.
“Please don’t tell me I can’t do it, cause I will fight like hell to prove that I can.”

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Poetry: Taming Wildflowers

image of wildflowers

…The taming of a wild flower, a native to the ever-changing elements. A free verse form and a digital art piece to inspire words as colorful and bountiful as the wild flower.

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Poetry: The Silent Open Box

image of landscape in watercolore effect.

…Taking a moment to catch one’s breath, to pause, gives the mind a moment of pleasure and refreshment to the soul. Found a free copy of a nature picture, added a watercolor effect and changed up the color tone to create something peaceful in digital art and to add vitality to this little Rictameter Verse.

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Poetry: Empty Circles

image of an old pond with floating leaves

Floating boats on a mirage of darkness. I saw this really cool, free public picture of leaves floating on water. Thought I would add an artsy effect for this nature picture. Hope you enjoy the digital art and its effectiveness in the words of this Tanka Verse.

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