Poetry: Will You Give Up

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Will you move on!

a free verse poetry… rhyming or non-rhyming… More about forms of poetry.

Your silence haunted me.
I knew I had said something that hurt you.
Shadows held our words in a prison for hours.
I didn’t blame you for being unhappy.
I was waiting for that light when you would open up and forgive me.
I’m stuck on you.
I am wondering if you think I’m worth it again.
Me, with all my cobwebs, and how I seem to tangle myself within them.
Wondering, whether you will come back to me or give up and move on.

©Linda J. Wolff 2017 – http://www.urbanpoetry2017.com
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5 thoughts on “Poetry: Will You Give Up

  1. I would say don’t doubt yourself. Everyone makes mistakes. If he can’t forgive it’s not meant to be. Above anything almost relationships require a lot of forgiveness. Nicely written, you can feel she’s afraid he won’t forgive her.

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