Poetry: Of How Many Lifetimes


a free verse poetry… rhyming or non-rhyming… More about forms of poetry

You come with such fire and heat.
You are the candle that flickers,
the flame that grows,
and the yellow glow in the darkness on satin sheets.
You are the softest of breaths
in wee morning hours
and the breeze that moves tresses across a face.
You are the tail end of a winter day,
with feathery lightness soothing tired eyes.
In how many ways, of how many lifetimes
I’ve searched for you and loved you.

©Linda J. Wolff 2017 – http://www.urbanpoetry2017.com
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Linda J. Wolff is an interurban word spinner and extrovert through many coffee-stained papers and owned by Rookie the hyperactive Pomeranian dog at Urban Poetry.

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