Poetry: A Diamond in the Rough

…As diamonds are found deep within the Earth’s layers, they are rough and unpolished as I. A free verse poetry describing me as a beginning poet. I’m never to old to learn something new, and always sharing it with you as I unearth it. A digital art piece to flatter your viewing eyes.

Image of cluster of unpolished diamonds
a cluster of diamonds unearthed.

Right now, I’m a diamond in the rough;
I am in this soil to be found and unearthed.
I am unpolished; exposed with all sharp edges.
I’m not the polished girl—poets reference too.
My imperfections are of the pure raw substance,
squeezed under the pressures of humanity.
I am an unpolished masterpiece,
imperfect in words and changes.
A crystal stone… Invisible to the naked eye.
An unpolished perfection.

©Linda J. Wolff 2017

What is Free Verse Poetry? …Free verse is an open form of poetry. It does not use consistent meter patterns, rhyme, or any other musical pattern. It thus tends to follow the rhythm of natural speech.

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A poetic wordsmith by the mind and a passionate blogger by heart. Reservoir for Wolff Poetry & Urban Poetry 2017, mentor for youth writing groups. Life motto: Everything you seek is in the stillness of one's mind. The place between seconds, whispering of a song between sound.

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