Poetry: Rabbit Holes

Sometimes, I can become lost in the mirage of life. And I need to step back into a rabbit hole and fall into a state of quiet bliss. A free verse poetry and a digital art piece to simulate my words into inspiration.

image of rabbit
Rabbit burrow to the other side of dreams then lies in the summer sun among the green grass and clover.

Oh! Restless soul!
Oh, searching for flowers,
scented and colourful,
standing on the hill over yonder.
Eyes blinded by grey and black mirages.
Following rabbits down burrowed dark holes.
Open closed doors of weeping shadows.
Dig your way to the top yellow glow
of bending flowering heads.
Seek shelter among grass in the meadow,
where lavender petals and its fragrance lingers.
Slumber into the sweetness of it’s warm
and settle into dreams of bliss.

©Linda J. Wolff 2017


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  1. This is beautiful! Thanks for sharing. We have two bunnies and they feature on today’s post of my poetry blog in case you have time to look? Happy Friday! Sam 🙂

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