Poetry: I Was Scared

…Sometimes we need to trust the feelings of love, instead of questioning it. A free verse about love, trust and believing in oneself too. A digital art piece to view and enjoy too.

I blamed him.
For silent words
never spoken.
For the busyness,
he seems to encounter
on a daily basis.
For not having time for us.
But did he do anything wrong?
Standing in the mirror,
looking at my reflection.
I saw the answers.
Those creases lining my face
told it all.
I was scared.
Scared to just let go.
Afraid to see what might happen.
But was I losing something,
if it wasn’t mine to keep.
I smiled at myself.
I saw something,
that smile said everything.
I am going to let go
and see what happens.
He told me he loved.
It was I, who need to trust,
who needed to believe in this love.
Because trusting is believing and,
believing is seeing.

©Linda J. Wolff 2017


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