Quote – That Girl’s Heart


A quote “That Girl’s Heart.”

Sometimes we think we can fix people, but in turn, we are ones who can change from who we really are. Be careful that you don’t take it to much negativity, that your real identity gets lost. The quote below simplifies what I was trying to convey here.

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Poetry – Something To Be Said

Image of A piece of free verse poetry "Something To Be Said".

A piece of free verse poetry “Something To Be Said”.
It’s the knowing and belonging within. That comfort of feeling alone, holding this strength that just glows from the soul. It leaks from the eyes, the mouth, and the nose.

It’s the being comfortable with; The skin draped over muscle and bone. The love for the complex words. Moving them from brain to mouth. Using lips to offer the real self out.

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Poetry – A Beautiful Broken Flower

Image of In this free verse poetry "A Beautiful Broken Flower".

In this free verse poetry “A Beautiful Broken Flower”.

People can walk with scars, with heartaches, and hide it behind the smile, but you can see glistening in their eyes. Pride sometimes gets in the way of words needing to be spoken. A digital art piece to also enhance the image through words.

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Final Stages for eBook – Bird On Branch

Image of manuscript Bird On Branch

Final Stages for eBook “Bird On Branch”.

Hi Everyone! For those of you who were inquiring if I was coming out with a new poetry book. We are in the final stages of completing the manuscripts for the poetry eBook “Bird On Branch”.

We hope you will stay tuned, for I will let you know via a post here on Urban Poetry when it will be released to Amazon for downloadable purchase.

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A Buff Little Haiku

A Buff Little Haiku about the Yellowhammer Bird

A Buff Little Haiku

To tempt fate and you, singing in the morning dew. The moon and the sun wave each other off. To bid you a due. One must still have struggled in oneself to be able to hear the song of the rising sun.

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Poetry – Warmth Erodes Dark Places

Image and A free verse poetry "Warmth Erodes Dark Places".

A free verse poetry “Warmth Erodes Dark Places”.

Sometimes, someone can tear at the strength of you, break you till you feel weak and defenseless. Find the FIRE that burns brightly within, lite it again. Burn down those bridges that deserve to fall, move in the path of the strength of who you truly are.

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Poetry – Standing Alone With Scars

In this free verse poetry “Standing Alone With Scars”.

A woman stands in fear of being alone, alone left to face the struggles, past relationships gone bad. Loneliness creeps in through walls, she runs to seek shelter among the crowds. The comfort of the noises. A free verse and digital art piece accentuating on the feeling of insecurity of being alone.

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Poetry – The Soft Audible Threads

Image of Free Verse Poetry The Soft Audible Threads

A free verse poetry “The Soft Audible Threads”.

It can be the little things that tie the bigger things together, miniature moments, the blinks or winks, stolen seconds of a quick kiss. Those I-miss-you glances that make love enormous. They radiate from a core to become something more. A free verse poetry and digital art piece about love.

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Poetry – Tears of Her Heart

A free verse poetry "Tears of Her Heart." When you meet someone new like I do here. Each follower reminds me of flowers

A free verse poetry “Tears of Her Heart.”
When you meet someone new like I do here. Each follower reminds me of flowers and how each is so beautiful and delicate from the next. And I never want to assume that each person is the same. Because we bring something unique to this colorful garden, we call life, and we can grow together for the success of humanity.

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Poetry – Silence Speaks Words

Image of Poetry - Silence Speaks Words

In this free verse poetry “Silence Speaks Words

One can feel the pain of loss, of the weight of the heaviness, felt in the heart. In the poem below, I try to describe that loss I felt when I lost my husband to bone cancer. I wanted to fill his lungs again with air, to strip the pain he had suffered going through this cancer. I watched each day as it stole the very essence of life from him. It left me in awe of how precious life is, to enjoy every moment you can take to breathe, to laugh, to love.

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Poetry – Smile Back At Me

Image of blue In this free verse poetry "Smile Back at Me".

In this free verse poetry “Smile Back at Me”.

Are you guilty of becoming so busy with life, so in tune to our cell phones that we get lost in the busyness of life, that we overlook the gorgeous blue towering above our heads, or the smell of a fresh pink rose in bloom…Blessing us with its perfume? I am guilty of this sometimes, are you?

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Poetry – Survive and Thrive, Red Rose

In this free verse poetry "Survive and Thrive Red Rose."

In this free verse poetry “Survive and Thrive Red Rose.”
We all have our fair share of hardship throughout our life, but as long as we have hope, we are like the red rose that survives a harsh winter only to come back in the Spring to bloom brilliantly red again.

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