Poetry: Crossroads of Love

image of crossroads

…We face at times, the hardest struggle of letting go. We have high expectations of what love should be, and it is not surrendered. One comes to the crossroads of choices. I have come there twice in my lifetime, and I chose to love myself instead. A free verse poetry for my friend who is at those crossroads of love.

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Poetry: Find Me.

image of solitude of butterfly and clover blossom

…It’s the knowing of who you are, and where you’re going that speaks in the dark quiet corners of the universe. It’s a designated plan from birth. It takes time; to find yourself, but once you do. You will know you’re on the path to destiny. Sharing a Free verse poetry and digital art piece to further my thoughts to you!

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Poetry: Look Back Often

image of flowers and honey bee.

Helping others is the greatest gift you can give to humanity and yourself. But you can get lost in the lending of helping hands. No point in losing your identity for the sake of another. A Rictameter verse and digital art piece to create the effect.

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