Poetry: a Murmuring Ghost.

image of a murmuring ghost

Do you ever feel like your a murmuring ghost?

You’re asleep, and then there it is noises. They become louder and louder to the point of waking up. A free verse poetry simulating the murmurings of the night or maybe dreams that wake the dead.

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Quote: One Heart

A little quote that packs a punch. We are capable of loving hard, deep, and lightly.

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Poetry: My Home is the Blue Sky

image of poppies and blue sky

My home is the blue sky.

It could be the center of my universe, I have heard of other places be called the center of the universe. But most of all, I claim to be a humble soul.
Here as an observer, to view everything in color, of the day noises and nighttime noises too. To offer something to it, instead of taking something from it.

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