WordPress Meet-UP #2

Let’s Connect! Meet and Greet

Welcome to our 2nd WordPress Meet-Up.

I’m hoping to create a casual common ground; where we can
meet and share connections, and maybe more.

I will keep doing this from time to time,
and these will offer an awesome opportunity for
bloggers who are quite active on WordPress” to connect.
If you’re interested in “meeting up” with new bloggers
or just meeting new people.

Here’s your chance to connect with them.

For all bloggers; I encourage you to use this as a place to “Promote Your Blog“. Whether you have a fashion, food, photography, nature, poetry blog, or a video, eBook blog. Or you might just want to post the cover of your book and link. This is the place!

Below in the Comment Section:

  1. Leave your name. Mine is Linda J. Wolff! What’s yours!
  2. Leave your Full Blog Address or Anything else! I will say “HELLO!”
  3. Leave a little something about your blog.

Remember that to meet new people… You need to connect! Say hello!

You can Re-Blogg this post if you wish! Thank you!


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a digital art and poetry WordPress blog

Sign in Here – Meet-Up


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Linda J. Wolff is an interurban word spinner and extrovert through many coffee-stained paper and owned by Rookie the hyperactive Pomeranian dog at Urban Poetry. ...Join her quest to capture the real souls of all humanitarians across the Universe through digital art and poetry. ...As a teacher of life, she'll offer encouraging tips for growing your blog through social graces and internet marketing.

309 thoughts on “WordPress Meet-UP #2

  1. What a great idea!
    Hi, everyone! I’m Lilly and I run Moonbeams on the Path, a book/writing/HarryPotter/mathematics blog, which is also a safe space for random thoughts and ideas, fun games and The Youtube Diaries. There’s also a chat and a Monthly Quote feature 🙂
    Looking forward to checking out everyone’s blogs! 🙂

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    1. Hi, sorry I could not find where to leave a comment only replies!
      My dog has a blog http://www.kokosdgoblog.com where he writes about his adventures and misadventures in Subiaco Western Australia. KoKo is feisty, egotistical and bosses me around a bit. I take photos of his dog mates and put them on his blog. KoKo also attempts to write Doggerel on topics such as food and particularly The Black Dog. His poetry is written under his pseudonym Kokoshakespaw as he is embarrassed about his novice writing skills. His facebook is under Koko Potter Dog Blogger. Please feel free to offer comments! Thanks Woofs from KoKo and his human Mum Helen

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  2. Hi my name is Kelli G. I’m the blogger of The Virtuous Teen. It’s a blog specially made for young adults and Teens or ANYONE who wants motivation and inspiration in Christ. It’s not a boring Christian blog by any means. It’s packed with devotionals, discussions, and everything pertaining to Jesus and young adults today. I guarantee you won’t be upset you came! It’s a loving environment for everyone! Thank you so much and I hope to hear from someone 😄 http://www.thevirtuousteen.wordpress.com

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  3. oreoluwa Adetola
    M in my early twenties I love writing poems of my life, of abstract and anything that gets my attention.

    Here’s one of them.

    (For that woman)
    Oh my crown!
    Satisfaction she claims she derived of,
    Hungry and thirsty of the unknown.
    With unending desire, never satisfied.
    Engulfing every man with her teeth,
    Like a prey in the mouth of its predator.

    Stop here, stop there,
    Moving from one arms to another,
    Like a dog frolicking its mother’s breast.
    Like a river without course,
    She encroach men shamelessly.
    For men she has tasted in version,
    In different style and fashion,
    For she has been crowned the queen of pervasion

    How shall I meet the desires of my heart?
    How will I keep all of them?
    Should I marry all of them?
    Should I build a castle for them?
    So I rewrite history and keep the world in awe.
    Should I?

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  4. hello!

    i started my blog 2 months ago and I really find it the best way to help others as well as myself. Its in my understanding that a lot of us face what i do and currently i’m facing as a teen or even as a human being. this is my last year of schooling so i haven’t been very regular with posting things but yes i’m doing it as best as i can and i’m really looking forward to see you all having a glance at my work. it feels really good when people take out a few moments to look at my work.

    i really hope you guys find my work worthy!
    here’s the link

    and as soon i get good responses i promise to work harder and be regular 🙂

    – the girl who just turned 17

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  5. Hello everyone,

    What a great opportunity we have here. Many thanks go out to Linda for this wonderful meet up place. My name is Tonya Lynn Ross. I run a blog titled: Cheynoea’s Thoughts you can find it here:


    Neat little-known fact about me is that I am part, Sioux. Somewhere down the line around my 4th or 5th great grandfather was Chief Black Hawk from whom the Black Hawk war was named. This is where I get my Native American name Cheynoea which means White Dove.

    I write about anything that strikes my fancy. Poetry, fiction, non-fiction just to name a few. It would be super awesome if when others choose to stop by and read if you are moved by anything I post, please don’t forget to leave a comment letting me know. Let’s build a mutual friendship and support one another as Linda suggested. Take care my new friends and Happy Writing.

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  6. Hello everyone, my name is Chandnat. I run a blog titled: A Jaunty Life. I call it my online diary. This is where I share my thoughts about certain issues in life after two or three cups of coffee and hope a problem is solved.

    Check it out: https://ajauntylife.wordpress.com/

    I love your sense of community, Linda! Such a great idea to get people to connect with other bloggers; your poems are really nice too.

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  7. Hi, Linda and everyone, My name is Abby and I teach early childhood music and science. In my blog, “Music and Science for Young Children” at abbyconnors.com I share activities, ideas, songs, and stories to help young children learn and enjoy music. I enjoy reading novels, poetry and nonfiction and I love many kinds of music. And I love working with young children, who give me inspiration and a fresh new view of the world. Thank you, Linda, for sharing your work and starting this place for bloggers to meet!

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  8. Hello everyone. My name is Brandon.

    My blog is poetry, short stories, children’s stories, songs, jokes, things of that nature. It is faith-based and centered around Christ. I like to be inspirational, present ‘heavenly’ things, and share what is in my heart. I desire to bring Christ to others and share my Friend with others, hoping they also become His.


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  9. Hey Everyone,
    My name is Yeka Asumah and am a blogger from https://Myyeka.WordPress.com
    I feature inspiration, health, fitness,beauty,lifestyle ,stories, and Natural Hair.. My blog is a blog for everyone feel free to stop by…
    I am also working on adding a poetry feature on my blog, as I found my new love for spoke word poetry and am working everyday to be great at it. I can’t wait to share some with you poetry lovers.
    You can connect with me on Instagram and Twitter @my_yeka
    Thank you and lots of love
    I really love what you are doing here @Linda J. Wolff


  10. My blog is a virtual home for creatives and quirky people 😉 My posts focus on the process of creating, sharing my experiences in writing, visual arts, fashion, and whatever strikes my fancy that week 🙂 haha. It’s a personable place for inspiration and motivation. It’s not all instructional, it’s more a place for us to join together on the journey of living an artsy life even where we suck at art. You can interact with my quirks anytime at AmyLSauder.wordspress.com ❤ Let's connect!

    Thank you Linda for this opportunity to connect with other bloggers 🙂

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  11. Hello, my name is Gregory Thomas.
    I am a writer and poet. My poems and all have a theme, but mostly talk about morality. Good versus evil, and try to teach others about the right way to do things, what it looks like, and the wrong way to do things, what that looks like.

    I try to keep it all pg-13ish so it’s enjoyable to read, but deep at the same time.
    Please check out my blog and let others know, my blog is:


    As for my story, it is called The Trials of Cascadia, and is a fiction fantasy having knights, elves, and magic, and swords, like Lord of The Rings. I am doing some rearranging right now, but please look for newest posts in the ‘short stories’ tab, also I also illustrate my artwork.

    Thank you very much.

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