WordPress Meet-UP #2

Let’s Connect! Meet and Greet

Welcome to our 2nd WordPress Meet-Up.

I’m hoping to create a casual common ground; where we can
meet and share connections, and maybe more.

I will keep doing this from time to time,
and these will offer an awesome opportunity for
bloggers who are quite active on WordPress” to connect.
If you’re interested in “meeting up” with new bloggers
or just meeting new people.

Here’s your chance to connect with them.

For all bloggers; I encourage you to use this as a place to “Promote Your Blog“. Whether you have a fashion, food, photography, nature, poetry blog, or a video, eBook blog. Or you might just want to post the cover of your book and link. This is the place!

Below in the Comment Section:

  1. Leave your name. Mine is Linda J. Wolff! What’s yours!
  2. Leave your Full Blog Address or Anything else! I will say “HELLO!”
  3. Leave a little something about your blog.

Remember that to meet new people… You need to connect! Say hello!

You can Re-Blogg this post if you wish! Thank you!


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a digital art and poetry WordPress blog

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A poetic wordsmith by the mind and a passionate blogger by heart.
Reservoir for Wolff Poetry and mentor for youth writing groups. Life motto: Everything you seek is in the stillness of one’s mind. The place between seconds, whispering of a song between sound.

382 thoughts on “WordPress Meet-UP #2

  1. What a great idea!
    Hi, everyone! I’m Lilly and I run Moonbeams on the Path, a book/writing/HarryPotter/mathematics blog, which is also a safe space for random thoughts and ideas, fun games and The Youtube Diaries. There’s also a chat and a Monthly Quote feature 🙂
    Looking forward to checking out everyone’s blogs! 🙂

      1. Hello, my name is Aaron and I’ve recently started sharing some of my poems on A Journey for Peace.

        I would love for people to read some of my stuff and provide feedback or constructive criticism. Thank you Linda; your works are awesome!

      2. This is a great way to connect and support bloggers! My name is Cecilia and I write at http://www.cecedingwrites.wordpress.com My blog includes travel reflections and practical advice (lots on Japan and Ireland), poetry and creative writing, Irish and German genealogy, and essays on current events. I had no idea about the variety of blogs out there!

    1. Hi, sorry I could not find where to leave a comment only replies!
      My dog has a blog http://www.kokosdgoblog.com where he writes about his adventures and misadventures in Subiaco Western Australia. KoKo is feisty, egotistical and bosses me around a bit. I take photos of his dog mates and put them on his blog. KoKo also attempts to write Doggerel on topics such as food and particularly The Black Dog. His poetry is written under his pseudonym Kokoshakespaw as he is embarrassed about his novice writing skills. His facebook is under Koko Potter Dog Blogger. Please feel free to offer comments! Thanks Woofs from KoKo and his human Mum Helen

      1. Helen…I love your lovely dog KoKo! My Pomeranian Rookie Blue has a tidbit or two to add to doggy tales! Hahaha! Bow wow to the two of you! Hugs! Doggy friend s!

  2. Hi my name is Kelli G. I’m the blogger of The Virtuous Teen. It’s a blog specially made for young adults and Teens or ANYONE who wants motivation and inspiration in Christ. It’s not a boring Christian blog by any means. It’s packed with devotionals, discussions, and everything pertaining to Jesus and young adults today. I guarantee you won’t be upset you came! It’s a loving environment for everyone! Thank you so much and I hope to hear from someone 😄 http://www.thevirtuousteen.wordpress.com

  3. oreoluwa Adetola
    M in my early twenties I love writing poems of my life, of abstract and anything that gets my attention.

    Here’s one of them.

    (For that woman)
    Oh my crown!
    Satisfaction she claims she derived of,
    Hungry and thirsty of the unknown.
    With unending desire, never satisfied.
    Engulfing every man with her teeth,
    Like a prey in the mouth of its predator.

    Stop here, stop there,
    Moving from one arms to another,
    Like a dog frolicking its mother’s breast.
    Like a river without course,
    She encroach men shamelessly.
    For men she has tasted in version,
    In different style and fashion,
    For she has been crowned the queen of pervasion

    How shall I meet the desires of my heart?
    How will I keep all of them?
    Should I marry all of them?
    Should I build a castle for them?
    So I rewrite history and keep the world in awe.
    Should I?

  4. hello!

    i started my blog 2 months ago and I really find it the best way to help others as well as myself. Its in my understanding that a lot of us face what i do and currently i’m facing as a teen or even as a human being. this is my last year of schooling so i haven’t been very regular with posting things but yes i’m doing it as best as i can and i’m really looking forward to see you all having a glance at my work. it feels really good when people take out a few moments to look at my work.

    i really hope you guys find my work worthy!
    here’s the link

    and as soon i get good responses i promise to work harder and be regular 🙂

    – the girl who just turned 17

  5. Hello everyone,

    What a great opportunity we have here. Many thanks go out to Linda for this wonderful meet up place. My name is Tonya Lynn Ross. I run a blog titled: Cheynoea’s Thoughts you can find it here:


    Neat little-known fact about me is that I am part, Sioux. Somewhere down the line around my 4th or 5th great grandfather was Chief Black Hawk from whom the Black Hawk war was named. This is where I get my Native American name Cheynoea which means White Dove.

    I write about anything that strikes my fancy. Poetry, fiction, non-fiction just to name a few. It would be super awesome if when others choose to stop by and read if you are moved by anything I post, please don’t forget to leave a comment letting me know. Let’s build a mutual friendship and support one another as Linda suggested. Take care my new friends and Happy Writing.

      1. Thanks and nice to meet you also. Unfortunately, I work in retail so the term ‘weekend’ is foreign to me. But I do try to enjoy those precious moments when I can.

  6. Hello everyone, my name is Chandnat. I run a blog titled: A Jaunty Life. I call it my online diary. This is where I share my thoughts about certain issues in life after two or three cups of coffee and hope a problem is solved.

    Check it out: https://ajauntylife.wordpress.com/

    I love your sense of community, Linda! Such a great idea to get people to connect with other bloggers; your poems are really nice too.

    1. Thank you, Chandnat! Community is great…Sorting the thoughts that pass through and bringing resolve to days end! Welcome and nice to meet you! Happy Friday dear!

  7. Hi, Linda and everyone, My name is Abby and I teach early childhood music and science. In my blog, “Music and Science for Young Children” at abbyconnors.com I share activities, ideas, songs, and stories to help young children learn and enjoy music. I enjoy reading novels, poetry and nonfiction and I love many kinds of music. And I love working with young children, who give me inspiration and a fresh new view of the world. Thank you, Linda, for sharing your work and starting this place for bloggers to meet!

  8. Hello everyone. My name is Brandon.

    My blog is poetry, short stories, children’s stories, songs, jokes, things of that nature. It is faith-based and centered around Christ. I like to be inspirational, present ‘heavenly’ things, and share what is in my heart. I desire to bring Christ to others and share my Friend with others, hoping they also become His.


  9. Hey Everyone,
    My name is Yeka Asumah and am a blogger from https://Myyeka.WordPress.com
    I feature inspiration, health, fitness,beauty,lifestyle ,stories, and Natural Hair.. My blog is a blog for everyone feel free to stop by…
    I am also working on adding a poetry feature on my blog, as I found my new love for spoke word poetry and am working everyday to be great at it. I can’t wait to share some with you poetry lovers.
    You can connect with me on Instagram and Twitter @my_yeka
    Thank you and lots of love
    I really love what you are doing here @Linda J. Wolff

  10. My blog is a virtual home for creatives and quirky people 😉 My posts focus on the process of creating, sharing my experiences in writing, visual arts, fashion, and whatever strikes my fancy that week 🙂 haha. It’s a personable place for inspiration and motivation. It’s not all instructional, it’s more a place for us to join together on the journey of living an artsy life even where we suck at art. You can interact with my quirks anytime at AmyLSauder.wordspress.com <3 Let's connect!

    Thank you Linda for this opportunity to connect with other bloggers 🙂

  11. Hi everyone! I’m BlueChazz. I love blue cheese and jazz. 🙂 My blog features on food and restaurant details/reviews, travel, photography, and random thoughts. Please feel free to check it out at https://theprolificmindblog.wordpress.com. I also have an Instagram account @blue_chazz

    Looking forward to connecting with you! ❤

    Thank you Linda for initiating Meet-Up

  12. Hello, my name is Gregory Thomas.
    I am a writer and poet. My poems and all have a theme, but mostly talk about morality. Good versus evil, and try to teach others about the right way to do things, what it looks like, and the wrong way to do things, what that looks like.

    I try to keep it all pg-13ish so it’s enjoyable to read, but deep at the same time.
    Please check out my blog and let others know, my blog is:


    As for my story, it is called The Trials of Cascadia, and is a fiction fantasy having knights, elves, and magic, and swords, like Lord of The Rings. I am doing some rearranging right now, but please look for newest posts in the ‘short stories’ tab, also I also illustrate my artwork.

    Thank you very much.

    1. Hi,Gregory! A big welcome and nice to meet you! It’s wonderful to see other talented writers join the meetup. I’m quite certain we all have something to offer others…Be it in learning or inspiration!

      1. Hey Linda, this is Gregory.
        Do you know of any people, or anywhere on wordpress of others that would be more interested in reading ‘books’ or excerpts from my book?

        I unfortunately found that the more words to read, the less likely others will hit the ‘like’ button… 🙁
        Even a whole page of writting seems to be given the cold shoulder.

      2. You know, hackers and cyber criminals are going to have a field day…
        People don’t realize this, so I totally see a future where reading books are going to much more appreciated. It might not be today, but lol…If we give our secrets to russia, then internet security will be wrecked…

  13. Hi there. My name is Christine Palamidessi. I am an artist and mostly blog about art. Recently ( bc of a scam by someone posing as GoDaddy Rep) I am blogging about Artist in India–me. Moving content from a webpage to my blog. The stories are very interesting, since who gets to go to India and live there with a Hindu family! I had perfect introduction to life there as well as a inside tour guide. Terrific photos. I wish more people would find my writing, my blog.
    I am at palamidessi.blog.

    With warm wishes to all,

      1. Well, we (me and me) are two
        He is who he is, And well I am becoming who I am…
        One of us has to be real, the other is just a character.
        Though he is already dealt with his flaws and weaknesses…

  14. Hi Linda! Nancy Hayes here. My blog is https://mylifeasadodo.wordpress.com. Have been wanting to write more for a long time now but let little things like life get in my way. Currently rambling on about whatever pops into my head in a daily writing challenge, hoping to find my voice and carry on. Thanks for this venue and it’s awesome to meet you!

  15. Hi Linda, thank you for liking one of my recent posts. This is an interesting platform you are running here! For all who may come across this my blog is http;//motivationofchristianlove.wordpress.com.

    Although Blogging requires me to be creative, so far I have only once published a poem. (This was on February 10, 2016. My title was: “What do you think of, when…” ). Coming across your blog has inspired me to try rhyiming again.

  16. Hi all, I’m V! I recently began just jotting down my thoughts/emotions in January and began trying to use writing as an outlet. I am by no means a pro at all of this, just simply trying to express myself and hope to feel less alone in the process. My blog is brokentogolden.wordpress.com. Feel free to peruse at your leisure. Linda, your writing is amazing.

  17. Hi Linda… recently I have developed an interest in poetry and I am learning a lot about it on WordPress like tanka, haiku and free verse . I have few on my site.
    I would be happy if you visit my blog and give your valuable suggestions. I usually write inspirational and motivational posts with some short stories. I write about posts related to education too.
    Kindly visit if possible.
    Happy to be connected with you.

  18. Hi! I’m Louie Matos and I write for EvilGeekCult.com. It’s a horror and Nerdculture blog on WordPress run ny my oldest son. My sons and I are appropriating the words geek and nerd as good words to signify passion in distinct genres. We podcast and just share our passions. Just hoping to make connections. Thanks Linda!

  19. Hello! Thanks so much for this space for promoting our work–great idea! I’m Cecilia Kennedy and I have a DIY blog called Fixin’ Leaks and Leeks. Basically, I do stuff, make stuff, and break stuff with my family and then I write about it. https://fixinleaksnleeksdiy.blog/
    I’m also just starting to write and publish speculative fiction.

  20. Hello, my name is Loan Tran, a photographer, a photoshopper (if there is such a word) and also a crafter. I’ve just jumped “head first” into blogging. My head still hurts from this jump. If you visit my blog: https://loantransite.wordpress.com/ every now and then, you might wonder why my blog appearance keep changing. I still have not really sure what I am doing. Thank you, Linda, for visiting my blog.

      1. I’ve just seen my post which I’ve posted in the afternoon. I did not see it shown earlier when I came back (just about 15 minutes ago). Because of not seeing my earlier post, I’ve just posted another one. Sorry about this double post. I am still confused about this blogging business.

  21. Hi I’m Helene Jermolajew, lovely to come across all of you, thank you for visiting my blog Linda. As my blog name suggests it started life as a travel blog, the ongoing story of my year of travelling as I healed from the grief of my mother’s passing and other related events, no it’s not all sad and miserable, it’s about the travel (with photos). However, it is slowly morphing into including some poetry – I became busy in compiling my poetry book as well as a manuscript on those travels so began adding some of my travel poems into the blog so people wouldn’t forget me and could continue enjoying my stories. That poetry book (Laughter, Tears and Coffee) is live in print version and the e-book should be following along shortly – all that information will be on my blog;


    I don’t class myself as an Urban poet, more a story teller of life experiences in whatever style comes out of the end of my pen, but am fascinated in all genres and styles – lots to learn from other poets and authors. Thank you Linda for creating the space for us to meet and share our blogs.

  22. Hi, Linda. Stuart Aken here, from UK. Writing fiction and occasionally attempting that demanding skill, poetry.
    My blog is https://stuartaken.net/ and I’m on Twitter – http://twitter.com/@stuartaken. My FB page is http://www.facebook.com/StuartAken
    I’ve followed you on twitter, liked your FB page, shared this post to both, bought your poetry book, which I’ll read/review shortly.
    I blog on writing/reading matters and make some political/social points from time to time. I’m also a photographer with work on Picfair https://www.picfair.com/users/StuartAken
    My latest book has just come out in Kindle form; http://myBook.to/WarOverDust and will be launched as a paperback at the wonderful Fantasticon in Hull, England, on 2nd September, where I will be signing copies.
    Thank you so much for this opportunity to introduce myself to a wide group of like-minded souls. I’ve always felt networking with others in the craft is a valuable activity.

    1. Hi, Stuart! Welcome and nice to meet you! Thank you for sharing and liking my social pages and purchasing my book. It is a simplistic one, been told its too simple. Funny, how one must take small, immature steps in order to gain wisdom, oh well that’s me, not ashamed of it either. I have enjoyed the learning through all my mistakes. Congrats on your book as well, such an accomplishment. I am looking forward to reading your future creativity too!

  23. Hello, my name is Verona and I’ve recently started sharing some of my poems on veronamisini.wordpress.com

    I would love for people to read some of my stuff.By the way Linda your works are awesome.
    I am new at Blog’s Life so I need for more visitors please!

  24. Hello.

    When you are learning a computer language for the first time, the first thing you learn in the language is to write “hello world.” I have never learned why is this so.

    OK, so following the rules for the first time in my life, here goes.

    Malcolm Donald Bruce Munro; I use malcolmdbmunro for most of what I do. It is unique in the virtual world and it better stay that way.

    Blog name is Towards Better Democracy – malcolmdbmunrodotorg

    My digital art and other forms are on line at Saatchi Art which, to access, use: saatchiart/malcolmdbmunro

    I have a pretty fierce Linked In profile so I don’t suggest you look at it.

    The blog posts music links mostly, some political comment, and poetry. Since I am taking up musical composition after decades away from the study of music, that will be going up as well. There is a small amount already up. A view of the post that went up this morning will pretty much tell of my political views. My art? I have two online art galleries and they do the selling side. I have a fine arts domain name but am at a loss as to what to do with it.

    I am intensely shy and avoid comment columns like the plague. This one, well, Linda, you seem genuine which, to put it lightly, is not common in our age. Besides, you don’t hide behind a pseudonym. If you did, I would not be here. Then comment columns I don’t read since they are mostly populated by individuals who are, I am sure men, who, were they to behave that way in the real world, we would give a swift kick up the rear of the body, not the front. And shun them. But they lurk in the shadows and are … any of your readers can fill the blank with they favourite expression.

    Finally, I am English and Scottish both, and, I am a foreigner in the land in which I presently reside. You can make of this remark what you will.

    Linda, nice last name. By the way, what is your middle name? How on earth to do you cope with the torrent of emails that you must receive from the huge number of people with whom you connect. A commentator on my blog suggested that, due the worth of its content, I go viral. Perish the thought.

    All comment entries are too long and mind is no exception.

    Hello to all of you reading this. I might even be a person who is fit for your company, We’ll see about that won’t we 🙂

    Thank you.

    1. My middle name is June. Given to me by my great, great grandmother. Whom I love and only knew for a short time before she passed on. I thoroughly enjoyed reading your comments too! No need to be shy with me, I will warm hearts as I always do! I deliver my genuine true self here, in and out of my poetry. Glad to have met you, and in hopes of seeing more of you! Have a lovely evening! Is it Malcolm?

      1. Thank you Linda June,

        Ypur comments are welcome and well received. The heart, ah yes, the warmth and passion I bring to the world is best channeled through my art. There it will transmit best to the rest of the world where perhaps it will be enjoyed and even enrich and change lives. Art can do this as can be seen from the many examples from the past. Mention may be made only of Beethoven and Shakespeare for readers to get the point.

        I am not clear as to what you hope to achieve with your reaching out to others. I don’t see that simply making comments within these column adds benefit, despite the kindness of you offer widely spread.

        I have known of few people who knew their great great grandmother. What age were you when you knew her and at what age did she die.

        The sincerity of your reply is appreciated. The world does not always seem a caring place and those us who shower kindness on the world, I am sure, help others lead their lives in better spirit. Good always has an effect greater in the end than evil.

      2. Malcolm…I would love to see your artwork. Reaching out has an effect on my pocket book. As a single mom, raising a 9 year-old-girl on my on it is a means of earning. With reaching out, I deliver a real piece of whom I am. In turn, others follow, for the entertaining poetry, I love to create in my backlog of hurts, joys, lessons of learning and inspiration. I was 8, and I would have tea with her, and my mother. Such wonderful times too. I miss her.

  25. I’m Karen, and my blog is http://www.backyardbirdlady.com
    I’m new to blogging, since February of 2017. My blog is about my backyard birding adventures, with tips on attracting and keeping birds in your yard, lots of photos and in-depth information about different birds. I’d be grateful if y’all would check it out- I’d love some feedback.

  26. Hello Linda, My name is Megha Rani. I’ve started my poetry blog in the last month and got my share of love and affection from my fellow bloggers. I have been writing poems and free verse for the last two years but never blogged about it. This is my first attempt. Hope to get valuable input/feedback/comments from experienced bloggers like you. https://meghasworldsite.wordpress.com/

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