Poetry: Awaiting the Dawn

In this free verse poetry “Awaiting the Dawn”.

I try to soothe my sadness by speaking to it like it is my sweetheart. We sit in the darkness awaiting the morning light. Too many of us know how we can grip upon our sadness and not want to release it.

image of girl Awaiting the Dawn Poetry

Go away! Sadness.
You brought upon the night.
It’s here. In these wee hours.
Save your black thunderclouds.
There’s always another day.

Pry your talons from my heart.
This city holds its blankets across rising chests,
and others are infected with sweet lullabies,
while I am here awaiting the dawn.
It comes in small doses.

Stretching its yellow fingers,
scratching my cold surfaces.
A warm blanket has fallen,
upon prickling skin.
I grin. Take my hand Sorrow.

For, today is not yours.
I will hide you in the shadows.
Unseen from prying eyes.
For there you must stay until I ask you to come softly.

©Linda J. Wolff 2017
|Awaiting the Dawn|
A free verse poetry


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Final…is the goodbye of sadness.


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