Daily Haiku: Searching

Image of haiku one must never quit searching for life, love, and happiness.

In this daily haiku “Searching.”
One must never quit searching for life, love, and happiness. Even if it means taking every day to absorb, enjoy the hiccups, turn life over. The more you search, the happier you will find yourself.

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Poetry: Particles of Dreams

image of lover dream particles and poetry

In this free verse poetry “Particles of Dreams”. A man watches his beautiful lover resting on satin sheets dreaming…He envisions her dreams as he could actually see them. He wants to capture them. A digital art piece to exaggerate the feeling. I stand In shadows Eyes wide open. I don’t Want to miss them. (Particles. […]

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Poetry: I Too…Long for More.

image of seagulls, ocean shore, and poetry

In this free verse poetry, “I Too…Long for More.”

A lady in love…longs for the days when she and her lover would take the time to wander the ocean shores holding hands and enjoying the beauty in its scenery. A digital piece of art to enjoy too.

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My eBooks

image of cover of Impressions of My Mind eBook

Grab My 1st Edition Poetry eBook: Do you love reading poetry, or quotes? Of course, you do, or you wouldn’t be here reading Urban Poetry 2017. My 1st Edition of my first 50 pieces of poetry I have written is now available in a downloadable poetry eBook “Impressions of My Mind”—Amazon for .99cts. http://amzn.to/1tGqkQL

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