Day: May 18, 2017

Poetry: Some Days…

A Rictameter Verse Poetry “Somedays” might change your mind.

…You ever get some days, the morning just starts badly. Then one by one more events—compile to the frustration.

Poetry: A Farce of the Humorous

In this free verse poetry “A Farce of the Humorous”.

I wanted to describe the role of a comedian, some think of her as a farce or buffoon if weren’t to know of her role or her for comedy and love for her work. Maybe you can read this explanation through this piece of poetry. Adding a digital art piece to delight the eyes too. Happy Thursdays Beautiful People!

Poetry: My Flaming SongBird

In this free verse poetry “My Flaming Songbird.”
Spring is such a beautiful time of year, watching life actually just sprouting and moving right in front of your eyes. Colorful flowers and the songbirds singing their happy songs, bouncing from branch to branch. Searching for seeds, or bugs. For me, it’s exhilarating. I found myself with a little spring in my step and a smile too. This little bird is named a Western Tanager. Hope you enjoy!