Poetry: Lazy Saturday Blue

image of a lazy saturday blue

…A free verse poetry “Lazy Saturday Blue”.

I love Saturday mornings, quiet, no rushing to somewhere, coffee in hand and the sunshine stretching across skin and carpet. The warmth of hot liquid and yellow fingers. Couldn’t get any better than the type of start. Adding a digital art piece to mesmerize too.

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Questions: What is True Poetry? I Need Help From My Readers

image of pen and paper of what is true poetry

Is there a degree in writing your words to paper, I was never in the understanding that I needed a Bachelor Degree to write what I feel. I am confused.
Please leave your comments to this controversy. I am really curious as to what everyone’s opinion is.

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Poetry: Crazy Dream or Reality

Image of a Woman with a Crazy Dream or Reality

In this free verse poetry “Crazy Dream or Reality”,

a woman dreams of going for a drive in a fancy sports car to a beautiful ocean shore with the love of her life. She wants it to be more. She wants it to be real. To create this memory forever, to be a reality. Hope you enjoy this free verse poetry and the digital art piece!

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