Poetry – Flecks of Hope.

A free verse poetry, “Flecks of Hope.”

Sometimes, we build walls around our hearts, so much that we shut out the light. Darkness seems to hold a place. Shadowing anger, bitterness, and more. People come into our lives in the hope of love, friendship or more. But we can’t see past our darkness. The heart has become crisp or brittle to the sensitivity of love.

Image of free verse poetry, "Flecks of Hope."

I can forge a place within ribs.
Light the darkness that resides there.
Peel away the scars that have shut you down.
Cause I have this small flame,
within palms of hands.
But it needs an ember to help it rise higher.
Do you have room in that dark space?
Can I help you start a flicker?
I’ll flick the match and lace it with hope.
I’ll burn canvas paper to create smoke.
Are you there behind those baby blues?
I see shadows, but there are flecks of hope too.

©Linda J. Wolff 2017
|Flecks of Hope|
A free verse poetry.


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