A Cinquain Poetry Challenge

Image of Join our challenge prompts

In this challenge prompt, “A Cinquain Poetry!”

Join our 2nd challenge prompt, “the Cinquain Poetry Challenge” where you can have the chance to be in my poetry eBook and win, win, win, an opportunity for one of my designer coffee mugs. Follow the instructions below…

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Winner Chosen: The Fibonacci Poetry Challenge

"Inspiration in a Cup" Coffee Mug

Big thank you, to all that entered “The Fibonacci Poetry Challenge.” Each piece of poetry submitted is beautiful. But I have to choose one. Congratulations to Sarah Whiley, and her fib poetry “Warbling.” She has won an opportunity of having her poem in my “eBook…Bird on Wire, and becomes the owner of one of my designer coffee […]

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Free Verse – Fall Into Yesterday.

Image of free verse poetry, "Fall Into Yesterday."

In this free verse poetry, “Fall Into Yesterday.”

If we didn’t have memories to fall back on to, where would we be. Be it some are not so pretty, some are not of our own doings, but those, the ones you can’t get out of our heads. Those sweet delectable ones, you want to remember over and over. A little free verse and digital art piece to tease you with.

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