Rictameter Verse – Soar High

Image of bald eagle & Rictameter Verse, "Soar High."

In this Rictameter Verse, “Soar High.”

One must find, dig deep inside one’s soul. An eagle is dying to fly with such strength so high if we can open our vessel and trust who we are. Weaknesses lie in the fallen feathers. 

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Free Verse – Swallowed Whole

Image of free verse poetry, "Swallowed Whole".

A free verse poetry, “Swallowed Whole.”

Sometimes the darkness drowns, even the light. Thick clouds hover, shrouding doubts on faint of heart, then it pours. Deeper, deeper, within we go before we know, we are lost. Hiding in the shadows behind lies. When is it time, to find oneself?

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