Announcement: My New eBook Release Coming Soon! Get on the Mailing List!

My New eBook Release Coming Soon!

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Hi, My Beautiful fans!

As you all know and read my poetry every day! I wanted to thank you for your continued support. I am so entirely grateful! If it weren’t for you, I wouldn’t have the inspiration to continue. I love all of you and your wonderful, supportive comments.

Over the past 6 months, I have been writing and compiling each and every piece of poetry into a manuscript. I have finally completed it! Whew! Thought I would never get to this point! I will offer it in an eBook to download and soft copy format.

I’ve named the poetry book “Urban Pen Poetry Series” it will come in a series of volumes.

  1.  Vol #1 – Time Pieces
  2.  Vol #2 – Awakening
  3.  Vol #3 – Voyage

I’m offering my poetry in an eBook “Urban Pen – Volume 1: Time Pieces”, you will be able to find it on Amazon, Barns, and Noble, and Goodreads, this next week it is being sent out to the publisher Bookbaby.

Urban Poetry was Created January 3rd, 2017 and it has grown immensely because of you and your readership!

I’m not bragging here! I want to show you what you have done for me!

Followers to date: 2,866

Page views to date: 47,820

So again, Thank you!

I have been getting lots of fans asking if I was going to release an eBook of my poetry here, the answer is YES, YES, YES! I took a picture of it sitting on my desk as we speak so you know I am a lady of integrity!

For those of you who want to get notified immediately of the release of Urban Pen, I’ve left a form you can fill out, and I will contact you as soon as the eBook is available on Amazon.

I have chosen several bloggers who had joined in on the poetry challenges I have offered this last 2 months. There will be more opportunities for released soon.  They’re listed below! Congratulations to all of them. I have placed their poetry in my eBook as well.

Authors Included in eBook “Urban Pen: Vol#1 Time Pieces”

  1. Sarah Whiley
  2. Vivian Zems
  3. Linda Lee Lyberg

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    Hello Everyone- So excited to be one of the authors chosen for Linda J. Wolff’s E- book. Congratulations to Linda- what an accomplishment! Two other fantastic authors were chosen as well- Sarah Whiley at:, and Vivian Zems at: What an honor to be in the company of such amazing talented women. Be sure to get on the mailing list so you will get news of the release. Happy Friday!

      1. No doubt about that! You must be so proud. This is something we all dream about and it’s happened to you. You are now an inspiration to the rest of us!!

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    Originally posted by Linda J. Wolff of Urban Poetry, she writes about her upcoming eBook. Linda’s poetry is beautiful, and she exhibits a craftsmanship with words that I aspire towards!

    So, I was utterly thrilled to be chosen by her as the winner of one of her poetry competitions and a piece of my work will also feature in her book.

    Check out her site, if you haven’t before. You won’t be disappointed…

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