Free Verse: Bullying, When You See Her

A free verse poetry, “Bullying, When You See Her.”

As a child, I remember the days when I’d go to school and cringe at the thought of waiting for the school bullies to come and ruin my day. Leaving me feeling small, defeated, and beaten by physical and verbal abuse.

Image of free verse poetry Bullying, When You See Her

It is a shame that times have not changed in bullying. Just a different era of history.

And now my daughter sees the same actions, and I try to teach her to walk away. When she comes off the school bus with tears in her eyes, sharing a story with me of how two girls have said horrible things to her. I tell her, she is so much beauty and worth. And that these people are hurting inside, they, in turn, have been abused or bullied by someone else. And I just hold her and hold her while she sobs until she is peace and knows she is. A free verse poetry and digital art piece to tell a story.

Free Verse Poetry: Bullying, When You See Her

It was in the thin places.
Rooted deep in soiled dirt,
you could find her there.
Rain left her-dark feeling.
Somehow the weight of it all,
left no room in rising to greet the sun.
Weeds tormented colorful blossoms.
Tormented the core of her.
Please, when you see her, tell her,
not a day goes by that you
search for her beauty
and her lovely smile.
Tell her; you’ll hold the raindrops
in palms of hands just to
water the ground, she’s settled in.
Tell her, to stretch to the sun, for there,
she’ll find warmth in its embrace.
Tell her to run to me.
For I have planted a garden
and weeds no longer grow there.
She doesn’t need their kind of love.
And I am proof; she’ll grow healthy
and find her way back to herself, if
I was able to survive bullying.
She will too.

©Linda J. Wolff 2017
|Bullying, When You See Her|
A free verse poetry

What is a Free Verse Poetry? Typically patterned by speech rather than meter, this form of poetry is very open to the author’s discretion and usually does not rhyme. Visual and sound effects are often employed.  It can have as many lines as the writer wishes.


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36 thoughts on “Free Verse: Bullying, When You See Her

  1. Oh, the bullies! I hated recess. I befriended the special needs kids, and I was small, a perfect target. Too bad the teachers would not listen. I hope they are listening better now. Yes, and I cried with my mom, who said what you do. ❤️

  2. Bullying aggravates me so much!!! It should be considered a crime. The bullies are such unhappy people and they take that unhappiness wherever they go. Please tell your daughter to keep her head high! The bullies are jealous that they can’t/don’t/won’t have a fulfilled life like hers. MZ

  3. Thank you, self love is the epitome of true love in life. I was bullied too, and unfortunately mine were my mom and step-dad. My mom and I have reconciled which is the best part.
    Well spoken Miss. Beautiful as usual.

      1. I’ve never been a parent but I know that it must be the toughest job on earth. Tell your daughter that these bullies are idiots and don’t deserve her friendship.

      2. I totally will tell her, Don! As a single parent, there are days when it’s quite challenging! Just like today someone in our apartment complex stole her pink scooter. I just don’t understand people can be so cruel.

  4. Wow that is terrible! i am so sorry that happened to you, and now your daughter. There is no reason anyone should be so mean, especially to a child. This makes me sad.

  5. Bullying has such a toxic effect on young children. I grew up dealing with anxiety issues and low self esteem. Things have gotten better, thankfully. I hope all is well with your daughter! Everything always turns out better sooner or later:) <3

  6. Bullying should not be done to a child, a teen, an adult, a middle age person, senior citizen.
    Bullying should not be done to any type of animal either. 😢😪
    Bullies have no respect for life. Maybe the only time they will get respect is when they are in the grave❓❓
    OR maybe NOT❓❗❓❗

  7. As a victim of bullying, this poem resonates with me so much! And what a wonderful comparison to make: a beautiful, strong, and healthy garden grown and rescued from the torment of the weeds. I just wish we had more gardeners and that more people will continue to strive to tend to each others gardens rather than add to the weeds. Thank you for a wonderful poem!

  8. I know how hard it is to live with bullying memories. It must be hard for you to see your daughter going through same. I liked the poetry. You are teaching her really well.Hope the kids bullying others learn some lessons too.

  9. I don’t talk about it much but in Elementary-Middle School, I was #bullied. My bullies were my so-called “friends.” They would 3-way prank call me(you may know about this), teased me, spread rumors; they would leave me out of things, and yet, they kept me around because deep-down, I think they knew I was awesome!

    Thank you for sharing your truth!

    Please check out my latest blog and challenge for Bullying Prevention Month.

      1. Awww you are sooo sweet. Thank you!!!! Same to you. Getting stronger and stronger everyday and I hope my bullying challenge helps others to heal and know their worth.

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