YouTube Video: Spoken Word Love Poem

An award-winning YouTube Video you must watch. A Spoken Word Love Poem that Will Move You.

Each day when I want to write a piece of poetry, I research my topic or subject. I use Wikipedia, StumbleUpon, Buzzfeed, or Poetry Forums.

I like to research the full meaning of the term. Whether it be an emotion, or animal, creature or nature. You’ll find me intermingling feelings with nature or a place and word spinning them to a structured or free form of poetry.

Yesterday, I was searching through Buzzfeed and found this emotive spoken word love poem written and performed by Derrick Brown.

Buzzfeed claims: “An award-winning short video bringing to life a love poem described by the founder of poetry slam as “one of the five greatest love poems ever written.”

Thought I’d share it, it really shows the creativity and talent of Derrick Brown. How he brings you to a state of tears is profound. It hit me in the core of my being, my wholeness. You might enjoy it too.


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