Daily Haiku: Shadow Bird

In this urban daily haiku, “Shadow Bird.”

A soft coo, from broken branches, a sky yielding a night call. Darkness oozing its lullaby. I watch as the night time kisses the day on the cheek of time. Stars awaken in the black twinkle brighter with the blackness. Warmth fades to cool summer night. A daily haiku and digital art piece flirting with the night.

Shadow Bird

Urban Daily Haiku: Shadow Bird

dead branches upward.
waning sky fading yellow.
feathered silhouette.

©Linda J. Wolff 2017
|Playful Zoo|
A daily haiku poem

What is a Haiku Poem?  A Japanese poem which can also be known as a Hokku. A Haiku poem is similar to a Tanka but has fewer lines. A Haiku is a type of poetry that can be written on many themes, from love to nature. A Haiku consists of 3 lines and 17 syllables.


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A poetic wordsmith by the mind and a passionate blogger by heart. Reservoir for Wolff Poetry & Urban Poetry 2017, mentor for youth writing groups. Life motto: Everything you seek is in the stillness of one's mind. The place between seconds, whispering of a song between sound.

15 thoughts on “Daily Haiku: Shadow Bird

  1. I love the art work. It appeared to me as if a dove sitting up on the branch.. The morning Sun is about to dawn and the moment for the world to discover the bird of Peace up there.. It has always been there. We just didn’t nurture it, didn’t acknowledge it, didn’t embrace it.. Because when the light was deem our vision blurred and the dark silhouette scared us and confused us! But cheers! it is dawning..:)

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  2. Good morning, thank you for liking my latest post. It meant so much to me. (Daily Haiku: Shadow Bird) was wonderfully written and as a poet I truly enjoyed the unique flow of words and the meaning behind this post 👏🏻enjoy your day ☺️💝

    Liked by 1 person

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