Urban Free Verse: White Flowers Flirting

In this urban free verse poetry, “White Flowers Flirting.”

She hears his broken voice, weighted with the responsibilities of more than he can handle. It pains her heart, like stones, weighted, some heavier than others, she tries to soften the morning with tender words and caring. An urban free verse poetry and digital art piece to convey a soft story of love.

Image of urban free verse poetry, "White Flowers Flirting."

Urban Free Verse: White Flowers Flirting

Like kicking stones, I felt the tug…
a thud in my heart; my first inkling
of sadness in your voice.
It felt heavy. Strained under stress.
(Strained and not a stone.)
White flowers of flirting with you,
couldn’t change it.
My hearing perception becomes
articulate to your voice; like singing birds
on a window seal.
How have I become so in tune?
A small ping. Pings with this heart of mine,
of your feelings, when darkened clouds fade the moonbeams
in your eyes.
This-isn’t a metaphor for soul material.
But depths of souls united.
Today, the beckoning dynamics of life,
waver in the trickling of sun fingers
upon your black truck.
I watch as sparrow flies into blue, and fade.
The once youth now bows under,
the strain of another day.
Some days don’t bring sunshine and bliss.
If I could change the weathering storm,
I would.

This storm will soon pass.

©Linda J. Wolff 2017
|Soul Searching|
A free verse poetry

What is a Free Verse Poetry? Typically patterned by speech rather than meter, this form of poetry is very open to the author’s discretion and usually does not rhyme. Visual and sound effects are often employed.  It can have as many lines as the writer wishes.


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Linda J. Wolff is an interurban word spinner and extrovert through many coffee-stained papers and owned by Rookie the hyperactive Pomeranian dog at Urban Poetry.

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