Digital Art: The Abstract Hummingbird

A digital art piece I call “The Abstract Hummingbird.”

I thought I would change the theme of my post to introduce a digital art piece I’ve created to submit for The NY Literary Magazine. Entangled are three pictures of maple leafs, abstract overlay, and hummingbirds perched upon a branch. Wish me luck!

Image of The Abstract Hummingbird
“The Abstract Hummingbird”

In Photoshop, I love to work with layers, nature is my favorite topic. Here, I start with a picture of maple leaves fallen upon the ground. Distract some color, then add layers of effects to it.

Then I added another layer of abstract art, change the opacity and blend mode. 3rd but last bring in the layer of hummingbirds resting on a branch, change opacity and blend mode again as another layer.

Then with all these changes, I flatten the layers together. Doesn’t it create such a brilliant piece that speaks depth about nature and life?


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