Acrostic Poem: Awakening

Image of an acrostic poem, "Awakening".

An acrostic poem, “Awakening”.

Wake to the beckoning of a new dawn, the smell of a fresh breeze coming through the window. It smells of dampness, dew, and dust. It has Summer written all over it. An acrostic poem and digital art piece to draw you into the awakening of a morning.

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Acrostic Poem: Scribbles

Image of Acrostic Poem "Scribbles" of enlightenment.

An Acrostic Poem “Scribbles” of enlightenment.

Scribbles on a wall could be disastrous, painted with black, etched in time. I tend to look at them as art. Like a mural, it speaks of things, emotions, laid deep inside of somewhere. Choosing to erase them or grow upon their foundation with color and light might be the way to inspire.

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Acrostic Poem: Mornings

Image of In this Acrostic poem, "Mornings."

In this Acrostic poem, “Mornings.”

If you’re new in the learning of poetry, it can be quite challenging. There are so many forms one can use to write poetry. But if you love to write, it can become addicting too. Today, my challenge was to write an acrostic poem. My word is “Morning”. And to describe in a poetic manner.

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Learn. Read. Write Poetry

When I was growing up as a teenager, I wasn’t privileged to have gone to college or take special classes to learn poetry or all the forms of poetry one could write in. It was in the times of struggle through divorces, death, and life that I found myself attracted and wanting to write my feelings upon […]

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a gallery of digital artwork created by photo editing software.

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