Rictameter Verse: A Web-Spinning Vixen

Image of Rictameter Verse, "Spun Tremors."

In this Rictameter Verse, “Web-Spinning Vixen.”

Oh, the tapestry of life, the trap holes to fall. Getting around outer edges, to stand tall. Strength is the anchor that tethers mind, body, and soul. A rictameter verse poem and a digital art piece to thought provoking.

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Free Verse: Seascape of Love

Image of free verse poetry "Seascape of Love".

A free verse poetry, “Seascape of Love”.

In the mundane, in the struggles of life, in the grief of loss, we are given a special person who is our anchor, they surround themselves in our life and comfort to the best of their abilities. Do you have a special someone who gives you a seascape of love and life? Share your story! A free verse and digital piece to open perspective.

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Rictameter Verse: The Hidden Gate

Image of Rictameter Verse, "The Hidden Gate."

In this Rictameter Verse, “The Hidden Gate.”

Some of us hold the most profound emotions, bottled up of the struggles, of pain, of grief, and even of love, and only waiting for someone to help reveal, expose these hidden feelings…To open their hidden gate. To feel the release through talking, consoling, and possibly tears. Healing.

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Rictameter Verse – Soar High

Image of bald eagle & Rictameter Verse, "Soar High."

In this Rictameter Verse, “Soar High.”

One must find, dig deep inside one’s soul. An eagle is dying to fly with such strength so high if we can open our vessel and trust who we are. Weaknesses lie in the fallen feathers. 

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Daily Rictameter – Fireflies Dance

Image of In this daily Rictameter verse, "Fireflies Dance".

In this daily Rictameter verse, “Firefly Dance”.
It is of the quiet, mystical delights. Nature in the seeing. Being, evolving in a spectacle of sheer silence as it dances before you void of noise. I wonder how many times we’ve crossed it or it us, unnoticed, unseen.

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Welcome to Urban Poetry! Where Legends Live in Words.

image of old branches in lake give refuge for young birds

Welcome to Urban Poetry.
Where legends live in words in this digital art and poetry WordPress blog. Linda J. Wolff spins words into magical pieces, free verses, haiku, and much more.

As the author of Urban Poetry, she offers readers an extensive selection of urban haiku, free verse, Rictameter poetry for enjoyment and modern digital art copyright by author Linda J. Wolff.

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Poetry: Can We Learn?

Image of can we learn rictameter verse and fern plant

A new Rictameter verse…”Can We Learn?” Struggles are stories that embed our life, with a lesson. And in the lesson, it can bring blessings if we as a whole can learn from it. Or are we adrift some ocean lost out in a sea of crashing waves. Bringing a digital art piece to capture the […]

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Poetry: Some Days…

image of A Rictameter Verse Poetry "Somedays" might change your mind.

A Rictameter Verse Poetry “Somedays” might change your mind.

…You ever get some days, the morning just starts badly. Then one by one more events—compile to the frustration.

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Poetry: I Find a Temporary Place.

image of Koala find solace in the branches of time

…In this Rictameter verse, one can find a soothing, temporary place—each of us own it. We need to take time out for ourselves. A place, where we can find peace from the insanity of life. A calming place. Offering answers. Also, a serene digital art piece to accentuate the words written below.

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Poetry: Look Back Often

image of flowers and honey bee.

Helping others is the greatest gift you can give to humanity and yourself. But you can get lost in the lending of helping hands. No point in losing your identity for the sake of another. A Rictameter verse and digital art piece to create the effect.

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Poetry: Sunday Morning Glow

image of yellow poppies

…Somedays are meant for kicking back and relaxing. Sunday’s are just those days for me. Wrote a little Rictameter verse poetry about Sunday’s and love, and created a digital art piece to take it even further.

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Poetry: Writing on Walls…It Speaks

image of graffiti on old building

…Writings on walls speak depths of struggles, pain, and the blood of prices to be paid. They’re just painted, but they speak. I wanted to bring out how sprayed graffiti is more through this Rictameter versee than just somebody defacing an old place. It says more. It carries the history of lives. Can you feel it through this digital piece and poetry?

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