Free Verse: She’s Holding His Heart

Image of free verse poetry, "She's Holding His Heart."

A free verse poetry, “She’s Holding His Heart.”

Love can be such a challenging emotion. I’ve learned communication is the key to the longevity of a relationship, to have the ability to agree or disagree without becoming uncivil. To be able to resolve problems together quietly.

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Free Verse: Tame the Fire

Image of Free Verse Poetry: Tame the Fire

In this free verse poetry, “Tame the Fire.”

In this free verse poetry, I was a six-year-old girl. My family lived on a farm in the countryside of Hayden, Id. It was a perfect Saturday, the weather was cooler, we were heading into fall.

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Free Verse: Hibernation.

Image of Free Verse Poetry: Hibernation

In this free verse poetry, “Hibernation.”

This poem is from an observance of watching children from day to day and how the seasons play a role in their behavior. I believe the seasons have voices and stir the changes in one’s soul.

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Micro-Poetry: Emotions

Image of Micro-Poetry: Emotions

A micro-poetry, “Emotions.”

One of poetry’s amazing abilities is that in the words, one can exchange feelings from one person to another—between poet and reader, alive at one moment, or could be 10, 20, 30 years of age, across many languages and cultures of the world. 

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Free Verse: Life Among Stars

In this free verse poetry, “Life Among Stars.”

A subtle night of observing, the sites and sounds of nighttime talking.

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Micro-Poetry: Deny

Image of Micro-Poetry - Deny

In this micro-poetry, “Deny.”

There is too much pain, I want to see more than a loss. I am that brighter flower that reaches for a blue sky of hope. But, my heart feels heavy today, after so many losses of mine own, the pain of the tragedies over the dreadful hurricanes, and now the shootings in Las Vegas. It almost too much for me. I am in tears.

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Urban Daily Haiku: Changes

Image of Urban Daily Haiku - Changes

In this daily haiku, “Changes”

Water…ripples at the motion of movement. A quiet beach front and gray skies. Perspective is hung in the clouds. Pause is the granules between toes.

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Free Verse: At the Age of 10, I was a Bird.

Image of Free Verse Poetry: "At the Age of 10, I was a Bird."

In this Free Verse Poetry, “At the Age of 10, I was a Bird.”

I wanted to share an experience of my first time flying with my father, he was an aerial photographer and pilot for the air force. It was a thrilling adventure for a child of age 10. Hope you enjoy this little free verse poetry and digital art piece!

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Free Verse: Shadow and Light

Image of Free Verse Poetry, "Shadows and Light."

In this free verse poetry, “Shadows and Light.”

I love to take pictures of everything, I believe this was my father’s doing, as a teenager I spent many hours in the darkroom helping him develop films, he had such an eye for photography and art. We would absorb the world through a camera lens.

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Micro-Poetry: Deep

Image of Micro-Poetry: Deep

A Micro-Poetry, “Deep.”

I always appreciate the depth of the one’s soul. And how we can either diminish (breaks into small pieces) or how we can exceed expectations, all is determined by the depth of our strength and passion we hold inside rib cages.

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Free Verse: Like a Dead Weight

Image of Free Verse Poetry, "Like a Dead Weight."

A free verse poetry, “Like a Dead Weight.”

The most difficult decision to make in a relationship is to walk away, I’ve had to make this choice twice. Sometimes, things just don’t work out, or the level of the playing field changes. I became a victim of verbal abuse, thrown like rocks against a soft surface.

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Free Verse: Swamp Princess

Image of Free Verse Poetry: "Swamp Princess."

In this free verse poetry, “Swamp Princess.”

In everyday life, I challenge myself to write poetry about something I have no experience with. In an online search through Wikipedia. I came across a spectacular plant and flower combined, one I had not seen, nor was I aware of it.

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