Urban Ekphrastic poem: Obsession with Roses

Image of Urban Ekphrastic Poem - Obsession with Roses

In this Ekphrastic poem, “Obsession with Roses.”

Growing a rose garden is as challenging and rewarding as raising children. The pruning, nurturing, watering, the guidance, and more. An ekphrastic poem and digital art piece as I describe the appreciation of mothers.

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Urban Ekphrastic Poem: In the Air

Image of Urban Ekphrastic Poem: "In the Air."

In this urban Ekphrastic Poem, “In the Air.”

So many times we hold ourselves back from success, or opportunities. Why do we let a little thing called doubt stop us? Thinking we are not good enough, a few days ago, I submitted a poem to a professional online journal,

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Ekphrastic Poem: I See the Glass

An ekphrastic poem, “I See the Glass.”

Look deep into the glass window, on the other side is a story. In this digital art piece, I wanted to show layers, layers of a face, of pain, bitterness, homelessness, of somebody. Hope you enjoy the story behind the piece of art.

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Ekphrastic Poem: Seattle’s Woodland Park Zoo Koala Bear

Image of Ekphrastic Poem, "Seattle's Woodland Park Zoo Koala Bear."

In this Ekphrastic Poem, “Seattle’s Woodland Park Zoo Koala Bear.”

Bianca and I love going to The Woodland Park Zoo in Seattle, viewing, and watching the wildlife there. The koala never moves, just napping having sweet dreams.

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Urban Ekphractic Poem: Bird Under Canopy

Image of urban ekphrasis poem, "Bird Under Canopy."

An urban ekphrastic poem, “Bird Under Canopy.”

My first attempt at an Ekphrastic poem, here I wanted to create a piece of digital art, that illustrated a brown hawk trapped within a canopy of branches. Like woven metal of chicken wire, entrapment.

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Urban Daily Haiku: Soar

Image of An urban daily haiku: "Soar."

An urban daily haiku: “Soar.”

In this daily haiku, I wanted to illustrate this abstract digital art piece of the simplicity of nature. A seagull from above soaring over the colored landscape, enjoying the current of the air.

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Digital Art: The Abstract Hummingbird

Image of The Abstract Hummingbird

A digital art piece I call “The Abstract Hummingbird.”

I thought I would change the theme of my post to introduce a digital art piece I’ve created to submit for The NY Literary Magazine.

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Silent Voices Suspended in Artistic Web

Image of urban free verse poetry, "Silent Voices Suspended in Artistic Web

An urban free verse poetry, “Silent Voices Suspended in Artistic Web.”

Is history male or female? In some places it could be, it holds both, the old abandon places, still carry their voices, laughter, and love. The stories of the times, you and I will be a piece of something,

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Urban Free Verse: Swallowing Blackness

Image of urban free verse poetry, "Swallowing Blackness."

In this urban free verse poetry, “Swallowing Blackness.”

Have you ever walked into a cave like your swallowing darkness, then it goes down and down, endless? I was a fourteen-year-old girl when I first experienced caves, I have gone on a trip with aunt and uncle to Bly, Oregon.

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Urban Free Verse: Old Black Crow Wins the Prize

Image of urban free verse poetry, "Black Crow Wins the Prize."

In this urban free verse poetry, “Old Black Crow Wins the Prize.”

Have you ever watched crows? The other day, I was sipping on a cup of coffee on my deck watching the funniest thing, there were a squirrel and three black crows competing over a crumpled bag of leftover french fries.

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Urban Free Verse: Wedding Day Jitters

Image of urban free verse poetry, "Wedding Day Jitters."

In this urban free verse poetry, “Wedding Day Jitters.”

A young woman anticipates her wedding coming soon, a day with sisters, luncheon, and a fitting at the gown shop, she has the wedding day jitters. An apple orchard for display, will it be a perfect day? An urban free verse poetry and digital art piece.

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Little Faces of Harvey

In this urban free verse, “Little Faces of Harvey.”

A poem to the vulnerable children of whom has suffered an immessurable amount of devastation at the loss of their mothers and fathers at the hands of the hurricane Harvey. My heart goes out to them, a free verse piece of poetry and digital art piece.

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