Free Verse: Bullying, When You See Her

Image of free verse poetry Bullying, When You See Her

A free verse poetry, “Bullying, When You See Her.”

As a child, I remember the days when I’d go to school and cringe at the thought of waiting for the school bullies to come and ruin my day. Leaving me feeling small, defeated, and beaten by physical and verbal abuse.

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Free Verse: Mirrored Souls

Image of free verse poetry, "Mirrored Souls".

A free verse poetry, “Mirrored Souls”.

Of ourselves, we can become more than one identity. Emotions can make a mirrored image, split from happiness, of anger, of sadness. Or our true-selves, we can see our reflection in the mirror of life. A free verse poetry and a digital image of our mirroring souls.

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Poetry – Be Strong Little Flower

Image of free verse poetry, "Be Strong Little Flower."

A free verse poetry, “Be Strong Little Flower.”

Each day we rise from our beds, we don’t know what to expect from it. It could be challenging, testing our patience on and on. It will be great if we take each challenge and turn it into something positive. A free verse and digital art piece to offer enlightenment.

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Poetry – Standing Alone With Scars

In this free verse poetry “Standing Alone With Scars”.

A woman stands in fear of being alone, alone left to face the struggles, past relationships gone bad. Loneliness creeps in through walls, she runs to seek shelter among the crowds. The comfort of the noises. A free verse and digital art piece accentuating on the feeling of insecurity of being alone.

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Poetry: Bitter-Sweet Storms

image of bitter sweet storm

…Moments come and go through life. Some so strong, they literally pull the lid off of life. Sometimes, one can feel so burden with heaviness. But we have this fire, this will power to fight all the odds. There is more good in store, and that is what we seek. A free verse poetry and digital art piece to calm the storms.

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Micro-Poetry: Smiles

image of coffee mug

a whimsical, abstract floral print I created through PhotoShop… I thought it would look awesome on a coffee mug with one of my little micro-poetry pieces… Great gift idea for Mother’s Day!

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Poetry: Rabbit Holes

image of rabbit

…Sometimes, I can become lost in the mirage of life. And I need to step back into a rabbit hole and fall into a state of quiet bliss. A free verse poetry and a digital art piece to simulate my words into inspiration.

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Poetry: So Strong and So Weak

image of big flower blossoms.

…Withered from the pelting rain, it rises again to greet the sun. I found an old picture of big beautiful blossoms, spun a few effects to create this very soft, subtle digital art piece. And a Rictameter verse to accentuate the flow of poetry.

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Haiku: Hanging Fragrance

image of hanging flowers.

…Somewhere in the mirage of green and blue rises a haiku for you. The vision is clear of the words I want to place here. A digital art piece and a sweet little haiku to tease your thoughts with. Who knows, it might inspire too. Happy Friday Everyone!

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Poetry: Fruited Vines of Time

image of grapes

Nothing sweeter than a piece of fruit, sweeten by the golden rays of the sun. A free verse poetry and a creative digital art to sweeten your soul, and wish it was Summer. LOL!

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Poetry: The Old Black Crow & Little Bluebird.

image of bluebird sitting on branch

…An old black crow, and a young blue birds sing lyrics of a different song. A free verse poetry and digital art to bring words and picture to life. Hope you enjoy and have a blessed day or night..

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