Poetry: In Love…

…Love is like clothing, it shows through the eyes, right through to the soul. A free verse poetry and a digital art piece to personify the feeling of being in love with someone special.

Poetry: Exposed

…Is it the heart grows fonder of love…When distance binds them under the darkness of night, and stars glitter of their longing… A free verse poetry and digital art piece left for those who long for the enjoyment of reading poems.

Poetry: Crossroads of Love

…We face at times, the hardest struggle of letting go. We have high expectations of what love should be, and it is not surrendered. One comes to the crossroads of choices. I have come there twice in my lifetime, and I chose to love myself instead. A free verse poetry for my friend who is at those crossroads of love.

she was like the wind; sometimes soft and slightly breezy, other times, strong and wild raging through my limbs. But I wouldn’t take her any other way, because she kept me insanely in love.

Haiku: Broken

a haiku poetry… rhyming or non-rhyming… More about forms of poetry behind those broken window panes, I can see your heart bleeding red stains. -Linda J. Wolff 

I will chase you to the edges of our breaths, to the last view of our eyes, and to our last heartbeats.- Linda J. Wolff