Micro-Poetry: Glazed Words

…Using carelessness with words can leave hurt that won’t be erased from the heart and mind. Yes, we can forgive, but it will be remembered. You can’t take those words back, once they are spoken. A micro-poetry to remind us of how precious life and words are to listening ears.

Micro-Poetry: Wild

We are off to another week, may it bring you beautiful blessing and success! Hugs dear friends and family here at Wordpress! A sweet little piece of inspiration in a micro-poetry

Micro-Poetry: Smiles

a whimsical, abstract floral print I created through PhotoShop… I thought it would look awesome on a coffee mug with one of my little micro-poetry pieces… Great gift idea for Mother’s Day!

a rare breed is she. a wild beauty effortlessly free, and the world loved her for it. – Linda . Wolff