Free Verse: Park, a Quiet Sequence

Image of free verse poetry, "Park, a Quiet Sequence."

A free verse poetry, “Park, a Quiet Sequence.”

I love going to the park, watching as the SUN whispers its last goodbyes of the day. The effect of its glow across the water, the sky is so profound with color. It inspires a write. A free verse poetry and digital art piece to help you envision.

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Free Verse: A Symphony of Flowers

Image of free verse poetry, "A Symphony of Flowers."

A free verse poetry, “A Symphony of Flowers.”

There are times for me when I view things in a different light. I let my imagination run wild. I guess it is the creativity that is like an overflowing fountain of inspiration. Seeing more than whats really there. I thank GOD for such beautiful gifts. We each have one, have you found your special gift?

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Free Verse: She is Abstract Art

Image of free verse poetry "She is Abstract Art".

In the free verse poetry, “She is Abstract Art”. I can sit with my paint brush and canvas, I can paint her as art, even in her darkest hour, in her foggy light. I can draw the endless imagery of her shape, form, or line. And all the while she (nature) offers me all the […]

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Daily Haiku: Swaying Flowers

Image of daily haiku, "Swaying Flowers".

In this daily haiku, “Swaying Flowers”.

Watching flowers and branches move to a warm breeze lulls me into a place. It is like an aphrodisiac of white noise and silence at the same time. Somehow it slows my heartbeat and mind. I’m drawn in the motions, the bending, and swaying. A daily haiku and digital art piece to draw you away momentarily.

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Poetry: Empty Circles

image of an old pond with floating leaves

Floating boats on a mirage of darkness. I saw this really cool, free public picture of leaves floating on water. Thought I would add an artsy effect for this nature picture. Hope you enjoy the digital art and its effectiveness in the words of this Tanka Verse.

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