Poetry – Survive and Thrive, Red Rose

In this free verse poetry “Survive and Thrive Red Rose.”
We all have our fair share of hardship throughout our life, but as long as we have hope, we are like the red rose that survives a harsh winter only to come back in the Spring to bloom brilliantly red again.

A Watery Haiku

In this little “A Watery Haiku”.

One would hope that when you stand among the forest and hear the sound of rushing water, that a certain amount a peace might flow through to the soul. It would make one want to linger a little longer instead of rush to go home to reality. A digital art piece to accent.

Poetry – A Soul Yielding Pink Roses

In this free verse poetry “A Soul Yielding Pink Roses”.
We can get lost in between all the struggles and pain of everyday life. That we lose the joy of just living. Scars can leave a deep impression shadowing over the light that lives within a beautiful soul. A digital art piece to also enhance the free verse poetry below! Happy Wednesday Gorgeous Peeps!

Poetry: These Noises. This Poetry.

A free verse poetry “These Noises. This Poetry”.
Do you catch yourself running words through your mind, somehow you must jot them down to be heard, to be read, or written for another. To say what the heart wants to say but only in noises wanting to spill into ink on white. I get like that. To quiet the storm of words muddling my day.
Here’s my rendition of spilling these noises. This free verse poetry ink.

Poetry: Life Grew With Her

In this free verse poetry “Life Grew With Her”.

A child runs and plays with classmates, joy, and laughter embed itself in the trees and foliage around them. Flowers are the light. Children are so magnetic, changing the atmosphere of life. A digital art piece to flirt with the free verse poetry below.

Poetry: Talking Sparrows

In this free verse poetry “Talking Sparrows.

I try to simulate the pain of heartache over a breakup in my relation with my lover. I walk the pain through steps of a densely wooded forest. Breakups with the ones we love can be so painful.

Poetry: Awaiting the Dawn

In this free verse poetry “Awaiting the Dawn”.

I try to soothe my sadness by speaking to it like it is my sweetheart. We sit in the darkness awaiting the morning light. Too many of us know how we can grip upon our sadness and not want to release it.

Poetry: Tomorrow Land

In this free verse poetry…I want to embrace the thought of how our struggles can become a dark abyss. How it swallows all the light that lives. How it can become heavy, weighted in the walls of the mind. But there are bridges or steps we can take to overpower the darkness and stand in the light of happiness. A digital art piece to enjoy.

Poetry: My Home is the Blue Sky

My home is the blue sky.

It could be the center of my universe, I have heard of other places be called the center of the universe. But most of all, I claim to be a humble soul.
Here as an observer, to view everything in color, of the day noises and nighttime noises too. To offer something to it, instead of taking something from it.