Quote: Dying with Wolves

“When you ask why I left, my answer would be, I couldn’t die with you. Cause where would she be, a wee babe in a forest of wolves.” – Linda J. Wolff

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Quotes: Dazzling Contradictions

Image of quote of Dazzling Contradictions

Every now and then I love to write quotes, I call this “Chaos.”

This quote is about a little girl who is untamed by society. Little girls are beautiful in all their thunderstorms and sweetness. I try to teach my Bianca to shout, to scream, to hold her head high, be proud of who she is as a person,

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Quote – That Girl’s Heart


A quote “That Girl’s Heart.”

Sometimes we think we can fix people, but in turn, we are ones who can change from who we really are. Be careful that you don’t take it to much negativity, that your real identity gets lost. The quote below simplifies what I was trying to convey here.

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Quote: One Heart

A little quote that packs a punch. We are capable of loving hard, deep, and lightly.

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Quote: Guarded

image of leafs coming through walls

Love and life can challenge the hearts strings, but if we allow to let the barriers fall. Harmony is the balance between souls. A little quote to tempt your eyes and soul.

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Quote: Seek My Heart

I’m so excited to be able to share my quotes on cell phone cases.
Why do you seek my heart? What is it that I could offer you that you did not have?

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Quote: True Souls

Hard times reveal the true souls who stand by your side. – Linda J. Wolff 

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Watch the impossible grow if you give it a little room. And with a smile, watch how quickly it evolves. – Linda J. Wolff

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You will stumble and fall more times you can count, but you will rise stronger, stronger, and stronger than ever before. – Linda J. Wolff

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