50-Word Story: Beautifully and Broken

image of a beautifully broken rose from stem

…Around you, you walk beautifully and broken souls exposed under layers of skin, visibility is seen in the rain drops that fall. And in place lies seeds willing to grow love. The chaos, the unpredictable, the negative hard truths of life and yet you walk a sweet soul. A 50-word story and digital art piece for my gorgeous peeps!

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Micro-Poetry: Glazed Words

image of flowers reaching for a blue sky

…Using carelessness with words can leave hurt that won’t be erased from the heart and mind. Yes, we can forgive, but it will be remembered. You can’t take those words back, once they are spoken. A micro-poetry to remind us of how precious life and words are to listening ears.

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Poetry: Come Home to Me

image of birds flying home

…We carry so many burdens of weight in the mind and heart. If we don’t release them, we become buried with bitterness, pain, and hurt. Set them free, forgive, and move on. There’s too much life to live. A free verse poetry and digital art piece of life and love.

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Haiku: New Dawn Rising

image of flowers in the morning sun

Watching a new dawn, small beauties rise with happiness. A digital art piece and a sweet little haiku to tease your thoughts.

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Micro- Poetry: Gracefully 

She wore her scars, like petals of a flower, bright and colorful. Showering life with her color, and beauty. But there were days, when her skies were grey and her petals would fall gracefully. – Linda J. Wolff – www.urbanpoetry2017.com

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Quote: Freedom

Sometimes, I just enjoy coming home and kicking off my shoes from a long day. Settle into my favorite chair and sit with the silence. Not to be lonely, just to be in my kind of freedom. – Linda J. Wolff

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Quote: Letting Go!

Nobody said life was gonna be easy, sometimes you just have to go back to the start and let the past all go, and start again.- Linda J. Wolff

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