Poetry: Some Days…

image of A Rictameter Verse Poetry "Somedays" might change your mind.

A Rictameter Verse Poetry “Somedays” might change your mind.

…You ever get some days, the morning just starts badly. Then one by one more events—compile to the frustration.

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Daily Haiku: Searching

Image of haiku one must never quit searching for life, love, and happiness.

In this daily haiku “Searching.”
One must never quit searching for life, love, and happiness. Even if it means taking every day to absorb, enjoy the hiccups, turn life over. The more you search, the happier you will find yourself.

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Poetry: She Lived the Life She Was.

image of light shining through trees

A beckon draws in the darkness and spreads light to comforting souls lost in the rough waters of life. A Rictameter verse and a digital piece to create an ambiance of light.

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Quote: Seek My Heart

I’m so excited to be able to share my quotes on cell phone cases.
Why do you seek my heart? What is it that I could offer you that you did not have?

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Art2Go Bag #1: Street & Bike

image of street, door, bicycle

…an old door, and a leaning bicycle against a wall. What stories can be told on the writings of walls? Art2Go Bags Blue#1 – All-Over-Print Cross Body Bag

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Digital Art Creative: The Before and After

image of big blossom.

This post is a digital art piece creative. The before and the after. Went to get my daughter, Bianca, from the school bus. And found this amazing big blossom, that hasn’t turned color.

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Free Verse: Skeletons of Truth

image of fern plant reaching for the light

…Secrets are skeletons held in the passage walls of hearts. A free verse poetry shedding some light and a digital art pieces for the eyes.

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a Solace Place

Rain…a solace place. A quiet transformation. Sometimes falls on deaf ears. Stop…just listen to it. It is a soothing sound. It does things to me, it makes my muscles melt, into a calm, relaxing state. Sometimes I need it—Do you? -Linda J. Wolff  

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Micro-Poetry: Shaking Stars

I will shake every star from the dark sky until I can see you falling into my arms. – Linda J. Wolff

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