Poetry – Withered Pink Rose

Image of free verse poetry, "Withered Pink Rose."

In this free verse poetry, “Withered Pink Rose.”

Relationships can be a fickled thing, an emotion that far reaches the means of understanding love. In all our imperfections somehow we can make it work. It’s that twinkle of eyes half-lid glances, that smile that ignites sparks. A little more in this free verse poetry and digital art piece.

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Poetry – Pressed Words & Flowers

Image of free verse poetry "Pressed Words & Flowers.

In this free verse poetry “Pressed Words & Flowers”.

Oh, the stories we could spin, tales that go way back when. Funny how we think our little meager lives don’t mean nothing. But yet to another, they are fascinating tales of adventure and freedom.

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A Little Rocking Haiku

Image of little rocking horse haiku

In this “Little Rocking Haiku”

The ocean has a beat of its own, love hearing the crashing of waves against rocks, the seabirds in the air singing their song. And under the waters edge the song of whales.

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Daily Rictameter – Fireflies Dance

Image of In this daily Rictameter verse, "Fireflies Dance".

In this daily Rictameter verse, “Firefly Dance”.
It is of the quiet, mystical delights. Nature in the seeing. Being, evolving in a spectacle of sheer silence as it dances before you void of noise. I wonder how many times we’ve crossed it or it us, unnoticed, unseen.

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Daily Haiku – Paragon Red

Image of A little haiku, "Paragon Red".

A little haiku, “Paragon Red.”
We are a paragon of excellence, created in every sense of perfection, why is it, we are the ones who cannot see it within our wholeness. A little haiku and digital art piece for enjoyment. Happy Thursday Beautiful Paragons!

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Poetry – Puncture Wounds of the Heart

Image of A free verse poetry "Puncture Wounds of the Heart."

A free verse poetry “Puncture Wounds of the Heart.”
I express love. A piece of poetry for the memories of loved one’s we’ve lost, to always remember their laughter, smiles, experiences forever embedded in our hearts. You are loved and missed. And may you be running through the fields of wildflowers laughing into the sunshine.

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Poetry – Lightning Returns a Strike

Image of A free verse poetry, "Lightning Returns a Strike".

A free verse poetry, “Lightning Returns a Strike”.
A first kiss is magical, like fireworks, or lightning. Sending tingles to all parts of the body. Do you remember your first kiss, and who it was, in the comment section below, leave me his or her name? For me, his name was Rick. I was 12. It felt like a lightning strike. My body was exploding with volumes of tingles going off like fireworks. Tell me your experience, I would love to hear about it.

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Poetry – Ever-Changing Dust Storm

Image of free verse poetry "Ever-changing Dust Storm".

A free verse poetry, “Ever-Changing Dust Storm”.
In a relationship, love can be a dust storm. Constant and ever-changing. And when we are together for a long considerable amount of time, love can fizzle out, if we don’t appreciate the fine qualities, the laughter, humor, that have drawn us to each other. You might feel my revelation in this free verse poetry and digital art piece.

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Poetry – Stardust in Her Veins

Image of free verse poetry "Stardust in Her Veins".

In this free verse poetry, “Stardust in Her Veins”.
You’ll want to appreciate everything around you. How the moon looks so brilliant with its illuminance, how stars are numbered. How the rain smells like a fresh new start. How the flowers stand out so colorfully, for your viewing. A free verse poetry and digital art piece simulating all this and more.

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