Free Verse: Spinning Tales Over Tea and Cookies

Image of free verse poetry, "Spinning Tales Over Tea and Cookies ".

In this free verse poetry, “Spinning Tales Over Tea and Cookies “.

They might just be sweet, or sour, but they are what they are. Maybe a lesson, or another blessing. But they’re a tale worth spinning. Each holds a weight in the learning, the joy, and the challenge to our children. Valuable key pieces to bringing up successful, balanced young adults.

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Free Verse – Swallowed Whole

Image of free verse poetry, "Swallowed Whole".

A free verse poetry, “Swallowed Whole.”

Sometimes the darkness drowns, even the light. Thick clouds hover, shrouding doubts on faint of heart, then it pours. Deeper, deeper, within we go before we know, we are lost. Hiding in the shadows behind lies. When is it time, to find oneself?

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Poetry – Passenger Ride

Image of free verse poetry, "Passenger Ride."

In this free verse poetry, “Passenger Ride.”

Life can be a crazy, bumpy ride. But keeping everything in perspective definitely, smooths out the little bumps. A free verse and digital art piece to enlighten your day!

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Poetry – There’s No Bandage

Image of free verse poetry, "There's No Bandage".

In this free verse poetry, “There’s No Bandage”.

No one can feel the wounds. Of the heartache of a breakup or a loss. The silent bleeding of the soul in healing. Time is the only bandage to seal the wound of loss. A free verse poetry and digital art piece to soothe the soul

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Poetry -Paper Cup Memories

Image of free verse poetry, "Paper Cup Memories."

A free verse poetry, “Paper Cup Memories.”

There is always time for the busyness of work, the distraction of toys, things materialistic. But we of human flesh have a time-stamp. We must take the time to create those paper cup memories before all is lost and we can’t wish it back. One must look at the sunny day, and enjoy it creating memories over sips of coffee in paper cups, etc.

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Poetry – I Am a Twilight Girl.

Image of this free verse poetry, "I Am a Twilight Girl".

In this free verse poetry, “I Am a Twilight Girl”.

One can be many things, but staying true to one’s identity is the greatest gift one can give themselves. To hold fast under pressure of others negativity, fluxes of life. Love yourself completely and wholeheartedly. You’re are a beautiful soul born to succeed in many ways! A free verse and digital art piece to accentuate life.

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Poetry – Unearthing One’s Roots

Image of free verse poetry, "Unearthing One's Roots."

A free verse poetry, “Unearthing One’s Roots.”

In life, we choose whom we want around us, but sometimes our choices are of good intentions, but over time we find it wasn’t a good choice and we must move on. Some people put on a great illusion of grandeur. Some people carry weighted rocks and ask you to help them pack them. I say not! A free verse poetry and digital art piece to bring clarity to life.

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Poetry – Chasing Strawberry Drippings

Image of free verse poetry "Chasing Strawberry Droplets."

A free verse poetry “Chasing Strawberry Droplets”.

Aw, the luxuries of summer, the endless warmth, the frozen treats, the laughter of children in the water. Picnics in the park, rollerblading around a block. Blue sky and me and you. A free verse and digital art piece retaking one to the days of summer.

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Poetry – Quietude of Dreams

Image of a free verse poetry "Quietude".

A free verse poetry “Quietude”.

The world is evolving before us, nature moving in small, but delicate steps. Skies changing shifts from dark to light, little buds opening heads, stretching petals of many colors, green yawning, and bending with the weight of morning dew. A little free verse, and digital art piece to indulge.

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Challenge Prompt #1: To Fib or Not to Fib

Image of Join our challenge prompts

In this challenge prompt, “To Fib or Not to Fib!”
Join our 1st challenge prompt, “the fibonacci poetry challenge” where you can have the chance to be in my poetry eBook and win, win, win, a chance for one of my designer coffee mugs. Follow the instructions below…

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Welcome to Urban Poetry! Where Legends Live in Words.

image of old branches in lake give refuge for young birds

Welcome to Urban Poetry.
Where legends live in words in this digital art and poetry WordPress blog. Linda J. Wolff spins words into magical pieces, free verses, haiku, and much more.

As the author of Urban Poetry, she offers readers an extensive selection of urban haiku, free verse, Rictameter poetry for enjoyment and modern digital art copyright by author Linda J. Wolff.

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Poetry – Was This Just Apple Pie?

Image of A free verse poetry, "Was This Just Apple Pie?

A free verse poetry, “Was This Just Apple Pie?”
A humorous little ditty about apple pie. We grow up with favorite foods, the familiarity of beautiful scents, and happiness that mothers create. And when we grow older, it’s the memories we hold on to in our hearts. Hope you enjoy this free verse poetry.

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