Free Verse: The Crying Brown Paper Bag

Image of free verse poetry, "The Crying Brown Paper Bag."

In this free verse poetry, “The Crying Brown Paper Bag.”

Being a teenager living in the countryside had its challenges, yellow buses didn’t just come to your doorstep, there was always a long walk to have the privilege of being picked up by the bus. My walk was 3/4 of a mile.

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Free Verse: This Was No Ordinary Church

Image of free verse, "This Was No Ordinary Church."

In this free verse poetry, “This Was No Ordinary Church.”

I want to share an experience with you of a Sunday that was quite strange when I was fifteen years old. I will never forget it either. I won’t say anything more…You must read and form your own opinion.

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Urban Daily Haiku: Hush

Image of Urban Daily Haiku - Hush

In this urban daily haiku, “Hush”

An illusion of a soul burying the pain deep within the wall of the flesh of the heart. Open eyes are unable to see the depth and the emotion that one can carry. Sometimes a  disguise under a smile. Depression lingers in the white flowers holding shadows, and the tears absorbed through the stem.

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Free Verse: Bonnie Bell

Image of free verse poetry, "Nature is Her House".

Free verse poetry, “Bonnie Bell.”

On Saturday, I awoke to the news that my young niece of 40 passed away to liver failure. It broke my heart, she suffered from depression, everyone tried to help, but she fell deeper into a black hole.

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Urban Ekphrastic Poem: Six Magnolias

Image of an urban ekphrastic poem, "Six Magnolias."

In this urban ekphrastic poem, “Six Magnolias.”

One who views nature with lenses closed doesn’t see the season’s changes that are put into place from each day, from the heat of the sun to the coolness of the breeze, just as each day changes us in our age, in our expression of life.

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Urban Ekphrastic Poem: Color-Blind

Image of Urban Ekphrastic Poem: Color Blind

In this urban ekphrastic poem, “Color Blind.”

Love is blind, kinda like this digital art here, I created a fence line that runs into nowhere land…A mirage of reds, burgundy, greens, blues all collide. Relationships can be that way too especially with the struggles and challenges of everyday life.

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Ekphrastic Poem: Under the Petals of Fluorescence.

Image of Ekphrasis poem "Under the Petals of Fluorescence."

In this Ekphrastic poem, “Under the Petals of Fluorescence.”

In PhotoShop, I wanted to create an image that gives a 3D effect. One of depth in the first layer of a grainy sky that fractured into a dreamy landscape, the second layer of huge fluorescence blossoms, and the third layer of miniature gold-tipped geese in fantasy land.

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Urban Ekphrastic poem: Obsession with Roses

Image of Urban Ekphrastic Poem - Obsession with Roses

In this Ekphrastic poem, “Obsession with Roses.”

Growing a rose garden is as challenging and rewarding as raising children. The pruning, nurturing, watering, the guidance, and more. An ekphrastic poem and digital art piece as I describe the appreciation of mothers.

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Urban Ekphrastic Poem: In the Air

Image of Urban Ekphrastic Poem: "In the Air."

In this urban Ekphrastic Poem, “In the Air.”

So many times we hold ourselves back from success, or opportunities. Why do we let a little thing called doubt stop us? Thinking we are not good enough, a few days ago, I submitted a poem to a professional online journal,

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Ekphrastic Poem: I See the Glass

An ekphrastic poem, “I See the Glass.”

Look deep into the glass window, on the other side is a story. In this digital art piece, I wanted to show layers, layers of a face, of pain, bitterness, homelessness, of somebody. Hope you enjoy the story behind the piece of art.

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Ekphrastic Poem: Seattle’s Woodland Park Zoo Koala Bear

Image of Ekphrastic Poem, "Seattle's Woodland Park Zoo Koala Bear."

In this Ekphrastic Poem, “Seattle’s Woodland Park Zoo Koala Bear.”

Bianca and I love going to The Woodland Park Zoo in Seattle, viewing, and watching the wildlife there. The koala never moves, just napping having sweet dreams.

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Urban Ekphractic Poem: Bird Under Canopy

Image of urban ekphrasis poem, "Bird Under Canopy."

An urban ekphrastic poem, “Bird Under Canopy.”

My first attempt at an Ekphrastic poem, here I wanted to create a piece of digital art, that illustrated a brown hawk trapped within a canopy of branches. Like woven metal of chicken wire, entrapment.

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