Poetry -Paper Cup Memories

Image of free verse poetry, "Paper Cup Memories."

A free verse poetry, “Paper Cup Memories.”

There is always time for the busyness of work, the distraction of toys, things materialistic. But we of human flesh have a time-stamp. We must take the time to create those paper cup memories before all is lost and we can’t wish it back. One must look at the sunny day, and enjoy it creating memories over sips of coffee in paper cups, etc.

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Poetry – I Am a Twilight Girl.

Image of this free verse poetry, "I Am a Twilight Girl".

In this free verse poetry, “I Am a Twilight Girl”.

One can be many things, but staying true to one’s identity is the greatest gift one can give themselves. To hold fast under pressure of others negativity, fluxes of life. Love yourself completely and wholeheartedly. You’re are a beautiful soul born to succeed in many ways! A free verse and digital art piece to accentuate life.

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Poetry – Withered Pink Rose

Image of free verse poetry, "Withered Pink Rose."

In this free verse poetry, “Withered Pink Rose.”

Relationships can be a fickled thing, an emotion that far reaches the means of understanding love. In all our imperfections somehow we can make it work. It’s that twinkle of eyes half-lid glances, that smile that ignites sparks. A little more in this free verse poetry and digital art piece.

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Daily Haiku: Crystal Spheres

Image of daily haiku, "Crystal Spheres."

In this daily haiku, “Crystal Spheres.”

Light as air, color teases open windows, floating, end over end, pictures are seen through circular closures. A daily haiku and digital art piece to offer enjoyment for the eyes, and soul.

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Poetry – Unearthing One’s Roots

Image of free verse poetry, "Unearthing One's Roots."

A free verse poetry, “Unearthing One’s Roots.”

In life, we choose whom we want around us, but sometimes our choices are of good intentions, but over time we find it wasn’t a good choice and we must move on. Some people put on a great illusion of grandeur. Some people carry weighted rocks and ask you to help them pack them. I say not! A free verse poetry and digital art piece to bring clarity to life.

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Poetry – Pressed Words & Flowers

Image of free verse poetry "Pressed Words & Flowers.

In this free verse poetry “Pressed Words & Flowers”.

Oh, the stories we could spin, tales that go way back when. Funny how we think our little meager lives don’t mean nothing. But yet to another, they are fascinating tales of adventure and freedom.

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Daily Prompt: Forming Loops

Image of free verse poetry, "Forming Loops".

In this free verse poetry, “Forming Loops”.

It’s the out with the old and in with the new, not in the material sense, but the pain of loss or love. Forming a new loop in the strings of life for the formidable future of living, of love, of life, one must go on. To let go of the emotions that held us stitched in a place of time. A free verse poetry and digital art piece to accentuate the emotion I’m feeling right now.

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A Little Rocking Haiku

Image of little rocking horse haiku

In this “Little Rocking Haiku”

The ocean has a beat of its own, love hearing the crashing of waves against rocks, the seabirds in the air singing their song. And under the waters edge the song of whales.

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Daily Haiku – Paragon Red

Image of A little haiku, "Paragon Red".

A little haiku, “Paragon Red.”
We are a paragon of excellence, created in every sense of perfection, why is it, we are the ones who cannot see it within our wholeness. A little haiku and digital art piece for enjoyment. Happy Thursday Beautiful Paragons!

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Poetry – Puncture Wounds of the Heart

Image of A free verse poetry "Puncture Wounds of the Heart."

A free verse poetry “Puncture Wounds of the Heart.”
I express love. A piece of poetry for the memories of loved one’s we’ve lost, to always remember their laughter, smiles, experiences forever embedded in our hearts. You are loved and missed. And may you be running through the fields of wildflowers laughing into the sunshine.

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Poetry – Was This Just Apple Pie?

Image of A free verse poetry, "Was This Just Apple Pie?

A free verse poetry, “Was This Just Apple Pie?”
A humorous little ditty about apple pie. We grow up with favorite foods, the familiarity of beautiful scents, and happiness that mothers create. And when we grow older, it’s the memories we hold on to in our hearts. Hope you enjoy this free verse poetry.

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Poetry – Lightning Returns a Strike

Image of A free verse poetry, "Lightning Returns a Strike".

A free verse poetry, “Lightning Returns a Strike”.
A first kiss is magical, like fireworks, or lightning. Sending tingles to all parts of the body. Do you remember your first kiss, and who it was, in the comment section below, leave me his or her name? For me, his name was Rick. I was 12. It felt like a lightning strike. My body was exploding with volumes of tingles going off like fireworks. Tell me your experience, I would love to hear about it.

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