Poetry – Ever-Changing Dust Storm

Image of free verse poetry "Ever-changing Dust Storm".

A free verse poetry, “Ever-Changing Dust Storm”.
In a relationship, love can be a dust storm. Constant and ever-changing. And when we are together for a long considerable amount of time, love can fizzle out, if we don’t appreciate the fine qualities, the laughter, humor, that have drawn us to each other. You might feel my revelation in this free verse poetry and digital art piece.

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Poetry – Stardust in Her Veins

Image of free verse poetry "Stardust in Her Veins".

In this free verse poetry, “Stardust in Her Veins”.
You’ll want to appreciate everything around you. How the moon looks so brilliant with its illuminance, how stars are numbered. How the rain smells like a fresh new start. How the flowers stand out so colorfully, for your viewing. A free verse poetry and digital art piece simulating all this and more.

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Poetry – The Rise and Fall of the Sun

Image of In this free verse poetry "The Rise and Fall of the Sun".

In this free verse poetry “The Rise and Fall of the Sun”.
Relationships need to time to ignite, two small flames flickering in a crazy, busy lifestyle. But certain things can change it. Add children into the mix, and boom. The flame has the possibility of going out. Unless there are great communication and understanding in place. A little free verse poetry about love and romance. A digital art piece to entice the imaginary.

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Poetry – A Brassy Silence.

Image of A free verse poetry A Brassy Silence and Flower

A free verse poetry “A Brassy Silence”.
Don’t sometimes ya just want to scream, because your insides are hurting? Your heart is breaking, you’re hoping your someone special will listen, take notice. Sometimes the loudest noise you can make is to say nothing. Somehow that quietness speaks volumes.

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Poetry – Standing Alone With Scars

In this free verse poetry “Standing Alone With Scars”.

A woman stands in fear of being alone, alone left to face the struggles, past relationships gone bad. Loneliness creeps in through walls, she runs to seek shelter among the crowds. The comfort of the noises. A free verse and digital art piece accentuating on the feeling of insecurity of being alone.

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Poetry: I Too…Long for More.

image of seagulls, ocean shore, and poetry

In this free verse poetry, “I Too…Long for More.”

A lady in love…longs for the days when she and her lover would take the time to wander the ocean shores holding hands and enjoying the beauty in its scenery. A digital piece of art to enjoy too.

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WordPress Meet-UP #2

image of people connecting through conversation

Welcome to our 2nd WordPress Meet-Up. I’m hoping to create a casual common ground; where we can meet and share connections, and maybe more. I will keep doing this from time to time, and these will offer an awesome opportunity for “bloggers who are quite active on WordPress” to connect. If you’re interested in “meeting […]

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Poetry: Soft Whispers

image of hanging paper hearts

Sometimes being a friend is just being. A free verse poetry about friendship and love. A digital piece of art to accentuate the verse.

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Short Story: Pretty Little Girl


“Pretty little girl” is a short story.

Little girls grow under the role model of their mothers. With loving hands, they can transport their children into successful human beings of tomorrow. Helping to grow a greater nation. One with compassion, understanding of the needs of the world.

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