Free Verse: Nature’s Speckled Delight

Image of free verse poetry, "Nature's Speckled Delight."

In this free verse poetry, “Nature’s Speckled Delight.”

We exist briefly. Each leaving a footprint of our souls, of our color, character…time stamped upon places, people, and nature. A free verse poetry and digital art piece of nature and her speckled delights.

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Daily Haiku: Floating Jewels

Image of Daily Haiku: "Floating Jewels."

A daily haiku poem, “Floating Jewels.”

I find calmness in the color white, somehow inspires me. It fades the gray shades of darkness. An open white canvas I can fill with ink, I can fill with hope. I can breathe life into white, and scatter colors across black thoughts.

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Micro-Poetry: Yielding Flower

Image of micro-poetry, "Yielding Flower."

In this micro-poetry, “Yielding Flower.”

In these past two years, grief struck me 7 times, sporadic spread over months, one healing, only to be broken and opened again with pain. In those months, I learned, to accept the losses, ones I had no control over, or to stop. Yet, I yielded to the pain, absorbed all the loss. Then, one small step after another, one day at a time, I, blossomed into whom I am today. 

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Poetry – Be Strong Little Flower

Image of free verse poetry, "Be Strong Little Flower."

A free verse poetry, “Be Strong Little Flower.”

Each day we rise from our beds, we don’t know what to expect from it. It could be challenging, testing our patience on and on. It will be great if we take each challenge and turn it into something positive. A free verse and digital art piece to offer enlightenment.

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