Ekphrastic Poem: Under the Petals of Fluorescence.

Image of Ekphrasis poem "Under the Petals of Fluorescence."

In this Ekphrastic poem, “Under the Petals of Fluorescence.”

In PhotoShop, I wanted to create an image that gives a 3D effect. One of depth in the first layer of a grainy sky that fractured into a dreamy landscape, the second layer of huge fluorescence blossoms, and the third layer of miniature gold-tipped geese in fantasy land.

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Free Verse: Lingering Emotive

Image of free verse poetry, "Lingering Emotive."

A free verse poetry, “Lingering Emotive.”

When I am with nature, it’s amazing how certain fragrances or smells that bring about memories. Memories of places and things I’ve experienced with people. People that still exist and those who have moved on from life.

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Free Verse: Nature’s Speckled Delight

Image of free verse poetry, "Nature's Speckled Delight."

In this free verse poetry, “Nature’s Speckled Delight.”

We exist briefly. Each leaving a footprint of our souls, of our color, character…time stamped upon places, people, and nature. A free verse poetry and digital art piece of nature and her speckled delights.

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Free Verse: A Symphony of Flowers

Image of free verse poetry, "A Symphony of Flowers."

A free verse poetry, “A Symphony of Flowers.”

There are times for me when I view things in a different light. I let my imagination run wild. I guess it is the creativity that is like an overflowing fountain of inspiration. Seeing more than whats really there. I thank GOD for such beautiful gifts. We each have one, have you found your special gift?

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Daily Haiku: Swaying Flowers

Image of daily haiku, "Swaying Flowers".

In this daily haiku, “Swaying Flowers”.

Watching flowers and branches move to a warm breeze lulls me into a place. It is like an aphrodisiac of white noise and silence at the same time. Somehow it slows my heartbeat and mind. I’m drawn in the motions, the bending, and swaying. A daily haiku and digital art piece to draw you away momentarily.

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Free Verse – White Talking Flowers

Image of free verse poetry, "White Talking Flowers".

A free verse poetry, “White Talking Flowers”.

It’s the lull, the quietness. The place the mind wants to wander to. To shut out, to shut in the emotions, the suffering, or to keepsake a moment, a place in the feeling. A free verse and digital art piece to take you there.

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Acrostic Poem: Mornings

Image of In this Acrostic poem, "Mornings."

In this Acrostic poem, “Mornings.”

If you’re new in the learning of poetry, it can be quite challenging. There are so many forms one can use to write poetry. But if you love to write, it can become addicting too. Today, my challenge was to write an acrostic poem. My word is “Morning”. And to describe in a poetic manner.

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Poetry – Pressed Words & Flowers

Image of free verse poetry "Pressed Words & Flowers.

In this free verse poetry “Pressed Words & Flowers”.

Oh, the stories we could spin, tales that go way back when. Funny how we think our little meager lives don’t mean nothing. But yet to another, they are fascinating tales of adventure and freedom.

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Daily Haiku – Paragon Red

Image of A little haiku, "Paragon Red".

A little haiku, “Paragon Red.”
We are a paragon of excellence, created in every sense of perfection, why is it, we are the ones who cannot see it within our wholeness. A little haiku and digital art piece for enjoyment. Happy Thursday Beautiful Paragons!

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