Urban Daily Haiku: Hush

Image of Urban Daily Haiku - Hush

In this urban daily haiku, “Hush”

An illusion of a soul burying the pain deep within the wall of the flesh of the heart. Open eyes are unable to see the depth and the emotion that one can carry. Sometimes a  disguise under a smile. Depression lingers in the white flowers holding shadows, and the tears absorbed through the stem.

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Urban Daily Haiku: Soar

Image of An urban daily haiku: "Soar."

An urban daily haiku: “Soar.”

In this daily haiku, I wanted to illustrate this abstract digital art piece of the simplicity of nature. A seagull from above soaring over the colored landscape, enjoying the current of the air.

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Urban Daily Haiku: Search

An urban daily haiku, “Search.”

Nature’s walks produce an abundance of beauty, one of my favorites is the sound of the sky, sounds of the woods. I love to hear the screeching of a red tail hawk, soaring in the blue, feathers floating,

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Daily Haiku: Tomorrow’s Red

An urban daily haiku, “Tomorrow’s Red.”

Have you ever walked through an old farm orchard? The fragrance is intoxicating when the blossoms are in full bloom, and the sound of the bees buzzing doing their diligent work. Little cropped trees heavy with blossoms, the color is so striking!

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Urban Daily Haiku: Patina

In this Urban Daily Haiku: “Patina”

Things or objects change over time. Bronze becomes refined with a greenish film of history, per say “Patina.” As do we, our skin changes with time, wisdom is our patina of time.

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Daily Haiku: Pendulum Heart

Image of Daily Haiku: "Pendulum Heart."

Daily haiku: “Pendulum Heart.”

A wooden pendulum heart hung from strings and scars, true love smoothed his edges and softens cracks off his distrust. She says whispers softly in his ear; “I’m not perfect either, so how can I judge, love doesn’t come, easy.

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Daily Haiku: Fluttering Red

Image of daily haiku, "Fluttering Red."

In this daily haiku, “Fluttering Red.”

Some believe that the red cardinal is a messenger from the past to the present. The opening of doorways, the melodious chirp one can’t ignore, the fiery red one can’t miss in its sighting, for me, I have a love of all GOD’S creatures and their beautiful song of life.

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Daily Haiku: Playful Zoo

Image of daily haiku, "Playful Zoo."

In this daily haiku, “Playful Zoo.”

I tend, to want to look at everything in color, after many struggles of a lifetime, hope and inspiration are my paint brushes and colorful ink pens to paint and spin words into wonderful stories or poems.

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Daily Haiku: Floating Jewels

Image of Daily Haiku: "Floating Jewels."

A daily haiku poem, “Floating Jewels.”

I find calmness in the color white, somehow inspires me. It fades the gray shades of darkness. An open white canvas I can fill with ink, I can fill with hope. I can breathe life into white, and scatter colors across black thoughts.

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Daily Haiku: Standing Green

Image of daily haiku, "Standing Green."

In this daily haiku, “Standing Green.”

I find I long for the noises in standing green. Hidden in places I have to search for, longing for the whispering sounds of the breeze, and the music of trees brushing up against one another. Eerie calming sound.

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Daily Haiku: Gray Abandonment

Image of In this daily haiku, "Gray Abandonment."

In this daily haiku, “Gray Abandonment.”

I find it sad when I see old abandon buildings, like the one in this digital art piece. A piece of history lived there. I imagine of the laughter, of the happiness, despite hardships endured. It was a small, but deserving life.

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