Poetry – Lightning Returns a Strike

Image of A free verse poetry, "Lightning Returns a Strike".

A free verse poetry, “Lightning Returns a Strike”.
A first kiss is magical, like fireworks, or lightning. Sending tingles to all parts of the body. Do you remember your first kiss, and who it was, in the comment section below, leave me his or her name? For me, his name was Rick. I was 12. It felt like a lightning strike. My body was exploding with volumes of tingles going off like fireworks. Tell me your experience, I would love to hear about it.

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Poetry: Exposed

image of two flowers longing together

…Is it the heart grows fonder of love…When distance binds them under the darkness of night, and stars glitter of their longing… A free verse poetry and digital art piece left for those who long for the enjoyment of reading poems.

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Poetry: The Flight of a Butterfly

image of butterfly and poetry

A free soul…Fluttering whimsically, touching. A butterfly is seen in cultures as a resemblance of a person’s free beautiful soul, whether it be living, dying, or gone from this life perching and watching. Also, they symbolize the rebirth or hope. A free verse poetry and a digital piece to flitter your eyes across.

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Poetry: Time Capsule

image of flower buds

Time is too precious and sometimes we wish we could stop time itself. A free verse poetry and digital art piece to accentuate the moment.

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Poetry: Bumpy Little Life

image of country road

Life is bumpy, exhilarating and challenging, but having someone to share it with makes it so worth while. A sweet little Rictameter Verse and digital art piece to tease you with. Happy Friday My Beautifull Peeps!

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Poetry: I Was Scared

image of crazy chance micro-poetry

…Sometimes we need to trust the feelings of love, instead of questioning it. A free verse about love, trust and believing in oneself too. A digital art piece to view and enjoy too.

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Poetry: Soft Whispers

image of hanging paper hearts

Sometimes being a friend is just being. A free verse poetry about friendship and love. A digital piece of art to accentuate the verse.

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Micro-Poetry: Depths of Blue

image of a turbulent sea

…Love can be so bitter-sweet, but yet so amazing. A micro-poetry or free verse, along with a piece of digital art to accentuate a visual…

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