Micro-Poetry: Deep

Image of Micro-Poetry: Deep

A Micro-Poetry, “Deep.”

I always appreciate the depth of the one’s soul. And how we can either diminish (breaks into small pieces) or how we can exceed expectations, all is determined by the depth of our strength and passion we hold inside rib cages.

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Free Verse: Like a Dead Weight

Image of Free Verse Poetry, "Like a Dead Weight."

A free verse poetry, “Like a Dead Weight.”

The most difficult decision to make in a relationship is to walk away, I’ve had to make this choice twice. Sometimes, things just don’t work out, or the level of the playing field changes. I became a victim of verbal abuse, thrown like rocks against a soft surface.

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Urban Ekphrastic Poem: Color-Blind

Image of Urban Ekphrastic Poem: Color Blind

In this urban ekphrastic poem, “Color Blind.”

Love is blind, kinda like this digital art here, I created a fence line that runs into nowhere land…A mirage of reds, burgundy, greens, blues all collide. Relationships can be that way too especially with the struggles and challenges of everyday life.

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Urban Free Verse: Wedding Day Jitters

Image of urban free verse poetry, "Wedding Day Jitters."

In this urban free verse poetry, “Wedding Day Jitters.”

A young woman anticipates her wedding coming soon, a day with sisters, luncheon, and a fitting at the gown shop, she has the wedding day jitters. An apple orchard for display, will it be a perfect day? An urban free verse poetry and digital art piece.

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Urban Free Verse: Small Pieces of Soft Chatter

Image of urban free verse poetry, "Small Pies of Soft Chatter."

In this urban free verse poetry, “Small Pieces of Soft Chatter.”

One has to appreciate the fathers of today, the effort they give day after day, the countless times they have so much going on, overwhelmed with responsibility! You have to admire that energy for their loved ones!

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Urban Free Verse: Tender Tugs of Love

In this urban free verse poetry, “Tender Tugs of Love.”

A man and woman share a gift. The gift to stop and show one another that life is too short, one must take the rainy days and enjoy a Starbuck’s coffee standing in the rain. Romance and love are to be in enjoyed in the most unpredictable moments.

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Urban Free Verse: Yellow Breathing Dragon

In this urban free verse poetry, “Yellow Breathing Dragon.”

A young woman endures hardships of love in a relationship and the yellow breathing dragon who brings a storm of emotion and ruination of the landscape of love. An urban free verse poetry and digital art piece to elevate thoughts and perspective.

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Urban Free Verse: White Flowers Flirting

In this urban free verse poetry, “White Flowers Flirting.”

She hears his broken voice, weighted with the responsibilities of more than he can handle. It pains her heart, like stones, weighted, some heavier than others, she tries to soften the morning with tender words and caring.

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Micro-Poetry: Breathless

A Micro-Poetry, “Breathless.”

After all this time, after all the mountains we have climbed, after all the raindrops we have spilled, you still leave me breathless. Goosebumps rise at your breath upon my neck and your whisper of “I Love You.”

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Daily Haiku: Pendulum Heart

Image of Daily Haiku: "Pendulum Heart."

Daily haiku: “Pendulum Heart.”

A wooden pendulum heart hung from strings and scars, true love smoothed his edges and softens cracks off his distrust. She says whispers softly in his ear; “I’m not perfect either, so how can I judge, love doesn’t come, easy.

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Free Verse: All His Black and White

Image of cat and free verse poetry, "All His Black and White."

A free verse poetry, “All His Black and White.”

In breaths we speak, oh how shallow words can be. When held on death’s door, life is the window, sometimes barred, or sometimes open if we can see through it. Eyelids open. This little free verse poetry is about my loss of my cat, it gave me a reality of how quickly life can be stolen, or taken from us. In every moment there is value in breathe.

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Free Verse: A Brush of Water and Color

Image of free verse poetry, "A Brush of Water and Color."

A free verse poetry, “A Brush of Water and Color.”

Emotions remind me of watercolor paints. The mixture of water, color, and feelings, or moods and how they flow together. The sadness of blue mixture with water. The red glow of love or fury fire. Greens of envy and shine. In this free verse poetry and digital art piece, I express sadness and love.

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