Urban Free Verse: White Flowers Flirting

In this urban free verse poetry, “White Flowers Flirting.”

She hears his broken voice, weighted with the responsibilities of more than he can handle. It pains her heart, like stones, weighted, some heavier than others, she tries to soften the morning with tender words and caring.

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Free Verse: She’s Holding His Heart

Image of free verse poetry, "She's Holding His Heart."

A free verse poetry, “She’s Holding His Heart.”

Love can be such a challenging emotion. I’ve learned communication is the key to the longevity of a relationship, to have the ability to agree or disagree without becoming uncivil. To be able to resolve problems together quietly.

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Free Verse: Blue Thoughts

Image of free verse poetry, "Blue Thoughts."

In this free verse poetry, “Blue Thoughts.”

The first glance, twinkling is the light, a first love. To fall in love, to stay in love is not of choice. It is on the chances, the risks, the willingness of working, talking, through the struggles, through the blessings. When loves greatest strength is in the doing, not the saying of words, there is a strength in love. A free verse poetry and a digital art piece to personify love.

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Free Verse: Parkside Romance, Summer

Image of free verse poetry, "Parkside Romance, Summer."

A free verse poetry, “Parkside Romance, Summer.”

Along with warm side breezes, fragrance drifting across noses, green turning fading colors, dogs barking, and children squealing and playing. Summer in a park is a place for romance. A free verse poetry and digital art piece to tantalize new love.

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Poetry Reading – I Want You

image of free verse poetry and audio recital

In this free verse poetry & audio, “I Want You”.
Love an expression that goes beyond flesh. Its depth is so profound. It can be felt in long distance or blocks apart. It doesn’t take a touch to ignite. Sharing a free verse poetry through audio and in written form. Hope you enjoy!

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Poetry – The Rise and Fall of the Sun

Image of In this free verse poetry "The Rise and Fall of the Sun".

In this free verse poetry “The Rise and Fall of the Sun”.
Relationships need to time to ignite, two small flames flickering in a crazy, busy lifestyle. But certain things can change it. Add children into the mix, and boom. The flame has the possibility of going out. Unless there are great communication and understanding in place. A little free verse poetry about love and romance. A digital art piece to entice the imaginary.

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Poetry: Crazy Dream or Reality

Image of a Woman with a Crazy Dream or Reality

In this free verse poetry “Crazy Dream or Reality”,

a woman dreams of going for a drive in a fancy sports car to a beautiful ocean shore with the love of her life. She wants it to be more. She wants it to be real. To create this memory forever, to be a reality. Hope you enjoy this free verse poetry and the digital art piece!

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Poetry: I Too…Long for More.

image of seagulls, ocean shore, and poetry

In this free verse poetry, “I Too…Long for More.”

A lady in love…longs for the days when she and her lover would take the time to wander the ocean shores holding hands and enjoying the beauty in its scenery. A digital piece of art to enjoy too.

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We are a song waiting—our lyrics written under stars, and moonlight kisses. – Linda J. Wolff

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