Free Verse: Hibernation.

Image of Free Verse Poetry: Hibernation

In this free verse poetry, “Hibernation.”

This poem is from an observance of watching children from day to day and how the seasons play a role in their behavior. I believe the seasons have voices and stir the changes in one’s soul.

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Urban Daily Haiku: Changes

Image of Urban Daily Haiku - Changes

In this daily haiku, “Changes”

Water…ripples at the motion of movement. A quiet beach front and gray skies. Perspective is hung in the clouds. Pause is the granules between toes.

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Free Verse: Swamp Princess

Image of Free Verse Poetry: "Swamp Princess."

In this free verse poetry, “Swamp Princess.”

In everyday life, I challenge myself to write poetry about something I have no experience with. In an online search through Wikipedia. I came across a spectacular plant and flower combined, one I had not seen, nor was I aware of it.

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Urban Daily Haiku: Hush

Image of Urban Daily Haiku - Hush

In this urban daily haiku, “Hush”

An illusion of a soul burying the pain deep within the wall of the flesh of the heart. Open eyes are unable to see the depth and the emotion that one can carry. Sometimes a  disguise under a smile. Depression lingers in the white flowers holding shadows, and the tears absorbed through the stem.

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Urban Ekphrastic Poem: Six Magnolias

Image of an urban ekphrastic poem, "Six Magnolias."

In this urban ekphrastic poem, “Six Magnolias.”

One who views nature with lenses closed doesn’t see the season’s changes that are put into place from each day, from the heat of the sun to the coolness of the breeze, just as each day changes us in our age, in our expression of life.

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Ekphrastic Poem: Under the Petals of Fluorescence.

Image of Ekphrasis poem "Under the Petals of Fluorescence."

In this Ekphrastic poem, “Under the Petals of Fluorescence.”

In PhotoShop, I wanted to create an image that gives a 3D effect. One of depth in the first layer of a grainy sky that fractured into a dreamy landscape, the second layer of huge fluorescence blossoms, and the third layer of miniature gold-tipped geese in fantasy land.

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Ekphrastic Poem: Seattle’s Woodland Park Zoo Koala Bear

Image of Ekphrastic Poem, "Seattle's Woodland Park Zoo Koala Bear."

In this Ekphrastic Poem, “Seattle’s Woodland Park Zoo Koala Bear.”

Bianca and I love going to The Woodland Park Zoo in Seattle, viewing, and watching the wildlife there. The koala never moves, just napping having sweet dreams.

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Urban Ekphractic Poem: Bird Under Canopy

Image of urban ekphrasis poem, "Bird Under Canopy."

An urban ekphrastic poem, “Bird Under Canopy.”

My first attempt at an Ekphrastic poem, here I wanted to create a piece of digital art, that illustrated a brown hawk trapped within a canopy of branches. Like woven metal of chicken wire, entrapment.

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Urban Daily Haiku: Soar

Image of An urban daily haiku: "Soar."

An urban daily haiku: “Soar.”

In this daily haiku, I wanted to illustrate this abstract digital art piece of the simplicity of nature. A seagull from above soaring over the colored landscape, enjoying the current of the air.

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Digital Art: The Abstract Hummingbird

Image of The Abstract Hummingbird

A digital art piece I call “The Abstract Hummingbird.”

I thought I would change the theme of my post to introduce a digital art piece I’ve created to submit for The NY Literary Magazine.

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Urban Free Verse: Swallowing Blackness

Image of urban free verse poetry, "Swallowing Blackness."

In this urban free verse poetry, “Swallowing Blackness.”

Have you ever walked into a cave like your swallowing darkness, then it goes down and down, endless? I was a fourteen-year-old girl when I first experienced caves, I have gone on a trip with aunt and uncle to Bly, Oregon.

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Daily Haiku: Shadow Bird

Image of daily haiku, "Shadow Bird."

In this daily haiku, “Shadow Bird.”

A soft coo, from broken branches, a sky yielding a night call. Darkness oozing its lullaby. I watch as the nigh time kisses the day on the cheek of time. Stars awaken as black become more black. Warmth fades to cool summer night.

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