Free Verse: Bitter-Cold Baths

Image of free verse poetry, "Bitter-cold Baths."

A free verse poetry, “Bitter-cold Baths.”

It’s amazing how life can be of extremes, on one hand, some have it simple. On the other extreme, such as myself growing up, life was one challenge after another. My parents took everything in stride and made the best of it.

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Free Verse: Wolf’s True Self

Image of free verse poetry, "Wolf's True Self."

A free verse poetry, “Wolf’s True Self.”

A wolf has a true identity of self. It binds with its own likeness, it is driven by instinctive evolution. It’s character never changes. There is a strong sense of survivalist. With a pack or alone, it doesn’t question life.

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Free Verse: Alone Poetry Video

Image of Poetry Video Picture Call to Action

Trying my hand with another poetry video “Alone”.

We alone stand strong, grounded in belief, and upbringing! We show our colors to the world. Our voice is the song heard in the breeze. I hope you enjoy this poetry video “Alone”.

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Free Verse – I Have Felt It

Image of free verse poetry, "I Have Felt It".

A free verse poetry, “I Have Felt It”.

Oh, the volume we could speak if backed by integrity; if backed by the perception of processing of how to dialect is received. Somehow, we get lost in emotions and use verbiage that buries, hurts. It puts a strain on relationships, on family, on love. Growth comes in the deciphering of expression. The questions, why, what, when, where, and how? Learning to express with a conscience, humility to grow love.

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Acrostic Poem: Scribbles

Image of Acrostic Poem "Scribbles" of enlightenment.

An Acrostic Poem “Scribbles” of enlightenment.

Scribbles on a wall could be disastrous, painted with black, etched in time. I tend to look at them as art. Like a mural, it speaks of things, emotions, laid deep inside of somewhere. Choosing to erase them or grow upon their foundation with color and light might be the way to inspire.

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Free Verse – I Stand Strong

Image of free verse poetry, "I Stand Strong".

A free verse poetry, “I Stand Strong”.

Clouds will yield rain, hail, thunderstorms beyond control. Sometimes an umbrella will repel raindrops. Then times, one must seek the shelter of a different kind, but still remain vigil. The soil of one’s mind can withstand many struggles, thoughts can grow beautiful images or dark shadows.

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Free Verse – Daydreams of You

Image of free verse poetry, "Daydreams of You".

A sweet little free verse poetry, “Daydreams of You”.

Love knows what it wants, knows who it wants, is infinitive beyond time. It seems to favor one laughter, one voice. A free verse and digital art piece to view. Happy Monday Everyone! Have an awesome day!

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Free Verse – Swallowed Whole

Image of free verse poetry, "Swallowed Whole".

A free verse poetry, “Swallowed Whole.”

Sometimes the darkness drowns, even the light. Thick clouds hover, shrouding doubts on faint of heart, then it pours. Deeper, deeper, within we go before we know, we are lost. Hiding in the shadows behind lies. When is it time, to find oneself?

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Free Verse – Blood Red Moon

Image of free verse poetry, "Blood Red Moon".

In this free verse poetry, “Blood Red Moon”.

One is given moments of spectacular events or things. Rise to the momentous glory of its happening, enjoy its spectacular beauty. These events or people only come once in a while. Take hold, and embrace its magic, their magic. A free verse poetry and digital art piece to visualize.

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Free Verse – Releasing Balloons

Image of free verse poetry, "Releasing Balloons".

A free verse poetry, “Releasing Balloons”.

It’s what you put into it, and how you want it. This life. Sure it isn’t perfect, never will be. But take all those imperfections and make some positive with it. A free verse and digital art piece to enjoy!

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Free Verse – A Song of Dancing Feet

Image of free verse poetry, "A Song of Dancing Feet".

In this free verse poetry, “A Song of Dancing Feet”.

Life is sweet and savage at the same time. Look at the bear, who looks too adorable until he becomes hungry, then his humble demeanor tears at the shreds of existence. I have lived the effects of both sides of life. To struggle so hard at times, then it can be so tender.

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Free Verse – I Am Not a Poet

Image of free verse poetry "I Am Not a Poet".

A free verse poetry “I Am Not a Poet.”

Tantalizes the escape of words, sometimes filtered through emotion like an hour glass. I hope you enjoy this tidbit of a free verse and the digital art piece.

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